• Excellence Happens in Vegas0

    Cross posted from EduShyster’s blog. Keeping an eye on the corporate education agenda. It’s time once again to climb aboard the rephorm express. Today we’re headed west, to Vegas, baby: home to the legendary Strip, the Hoover Dam, and these days, plenty of excellence, Teach for America style. Alas, what happens in Vegas likely won’t

  • Building a Public Education Counter-Movement in the Las Vegas Area1

    At the K-12 levels, high-quality teachers and well-run schools are essential to student achievement. However, public educators are largely being blamed for struggling students rather than focusing on larger systemic issues such as children in poverty, unsafe neighborhoods and substandard schools which can make it difficult to learn (1). Although there is a lot of focus on education problems by policymakers,

  • Republicans Responsible For Increasing Cost of College0

    Government backed student loans, the Pell Grant and state-based scholarships have helped millions of students get a college degree, and have helped improve our society by leaps and bounds over the past 60 to 80 years.  Since the 1970s, Republicans have been eroding away at college accessibility and affordability under the name and guise of


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