• New GOP or No GOP11

    This was the last election the GOP had a chance to win by simply going after a white male dominated majority.  With major demographic changes to the electorate projected over the next 4 to 8 years the Republican Party will either have to dramatically change both its xenophobic and ethnocentric rhetoric and policy positions, or

  • Benghazi Baloney: Review Journal Unworthy Newspaper21

    The amateurish editorial board at the Las Vegas Review Journal has shown us once again its ugly partisan bias, lack of principles, and total reckless disregard of the truth in its recent editorial which attempted to slam Obama for Benghazi, yelling loudly that he is “unworthy” of being a president. They really showed us how

  • Real fraud is in Voting ID Laws3

    With the elections too close to call everyone has highlighted the importance of voting in these elections. However, recently there has been a great emphasis on voter fraud, many states passed laws requiring a state-issued ID to be able to vote in order to avoid impersonation fraud. I myself encountered a creepy poll watcher when


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