• Sierra Club Release: Uranium Mining Blocked1

    The Toiyabe Chapter of the Sierra Club, representing all of Nevada and the Sierra Range of Eastern California, today welcomed the announcement from the U.S. Department of Interior that would place a 20-year moratorium on new uranium mining near the Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Mead, which is the source of drinking water for

  • Conspiracy in Plain Sight3

    Despite being a born cynic, or maybe because I am a born cynic, I’ve never been much on secret conspiracy theories. Occam’s razor is usually pretty sharp, and it leads me to reason that we really did go to the moon and that Bigfoot isn’t just a shy, arboreal primate, but nonexistent. I also suspect that

  • Nevada Test Site: Time for a Re-Set2

      Continued nuclear, biological and conventional weapons testing? Renewable energy experiments and commercial solar power? Expanded transport, burial and storage of radioactive waste? These are all potential outcomes from a review and re-set of activities at the federal Nevada Test Site, now formally known as the Nevada National Security Site. Test Site Vision, a project


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