• Bob Beers Wrong Choice for City Council1

    Bob Beers slipped his way into the Las Vegas City Council last year by way of short notice special election when Steve Wolfson became the District Attorney. Beers’ years as a career politician gave him the connections and money to take that seat without much resistance. Fortunately for the city, there is an alternative on

  • Corruption and Collusion in Sin City (UNLV Edition)0

    Published at the request of the duly elected senators, of the 43rd session, of the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Many students missed a warning when two extremely conservative campus leaders joined with a more liberal student to vie for the executive board of the undergraduate student government (CSUN) at the University

  • Downtown Las Vegas: The Mod Local Hotspot1

    It is incredibly refreshing to witness the renovation, innovation and exploration emerging in Downtown Las Vegas.  With so many reasons to check out what our downtown has to offer, we have more incentive than ever to visit.  There is something for everyone.  To name a few examples, the Children’s Discovery Museum adds incentives for families


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