• Can Nevada Protect Net Neutrality?

    Can Nevada Protect Net Neutrality?0

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just voted to remove Net Neutrality regulations from the internet. Net Neutrality keeps the internet running smoothly for everyone, and keeps costs down. Removing these regulations will allow a handful of large internet service providers to pick winners and losers by charging more money for faster internet service and more

  • Why I Support Chris Giunchigliani for Governor

    Why I Support Chris Giunchigliani for Governor0

    Chris Miller has served as the chair of the Clark County Democratic Party from 2011 to 2017. The following is his written submission to the Nevada Ledger. Governor Chris Giunchigliani. It has a nice ring to it. 2018 is the time to break the 24-year drought of electing a Democrat to the Nevada State House

  • Dean Heller to Confirm Blogger for Federal Judge?

    Dean Heller to Confirm Blogger for Federal Judge?0

    A Republican controlled senate committee just voted to approve Trump nominee (awardee) Brett J. Talley for a life-time appointment as a federal judge.  He has zero trial experience, is 36 and is a pro-Trump blogger.  A judicial rating committee in the American Bar Association reportedly unanimously declared Talley “not qualified” ahead of his confirmation. Considering Dean Heller knows

  • Nevada Ledger Launches In Time For 2018 Elections

    Nevada Ledger Launches In Time For 2018 Elections0

    The 2018 election cycle is officially here. Things are already heating up in Nevada with an open-seat gubernatorial race, and a hotly-contested senate race that may shift the balance of power in Washington DC. It will be exciting to watch, and the Nevada Ledger is launching in time to cover the issues and elections for you. From

  • Three Ads Attacking Congressman Joe Heck Online

    Three Ads Attacking Congressman Joe Heck Online0

    Even though the 2014 election is just shy of a year away, Congressman Joe Heck is already starting to feel the heat. I’ve been seeing paid ads on Facebook and other social media posts bringing light to issues with Heck. A lot of people aren’t happy with his leadership, even some on the right. Facebook

  • Let’s Make Nevada Green

    Let’s Make Nevada Green0

    I admit that when you’re looking down at the ground from thousands of feet up through your aircraft window, things tend to appear beautiful. But even that knowledge cannot prepare you for the stunning beauty sprawling underneath you as your aircraft starts to descend into Nevada. Vast stretches of arid land, majestic mountains and psychedelic