• Nevada Always Makes the Poor Pay More2

    Reading in the Las Vegas Sun yesterday, I found a story about fees going up for water, electric, student fees, small businesses, even bus fares and how these fees tend to negatively affect those who are hurting the most here in Nevada.  What the article does not mention is how disproportionate the burden of sales

  • NV Legislative Profile: Irene Bustamante-Adams1

    Born in the small farming community of Hanford, California, Nevada Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante-Adams (AD 42) is the second of five children born to poor, migrant farm working parents. She and her siblings began working with their parents at about the age of six and continued doing so all the way through high school. “We worked every day during the summer and on the weekends when school was in session,” she says. “It was hard work but it wasn’t burdensome. It’s just the life we knew.”
    Sixteen years later at the age of 23 she arrived in Las Vegas, never dreaming it would be a permanent move nor having aspirations of political life. How then, did this woman go from working the farm fields in California to becoming one of Nevada’s most respected freshmen legislators?

  • Nevada Axis of Evil Part 1 (Caption Contest)5

    Here in Nevada, at least in terms of the state senate, we have an axis of evil right here in southern Nevada.  Barbara Cegavske leads the trio.  Then we have Michael Roberson and Elizabeth Halseth as lap puppies. They’ve valiantly led the state from being at the bottom of funding for education and having one


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