• Michael Roberson Should be Recalled6

    There was rejoicing in Arizona and all around the nation as news rolled in that Russell Pearce, architect of the infamous SB1070 (racial profiling, papers please), was recalled by voters in Arizona. He’ll now have to resign or file to run in a special election. Perhaps Nevadans in Senate District 5 should think likewise and

  • The Ballot Box: Nevada’s Last Hope?4

    (Originally from Nevada Progressive) SHOCK! Progressives aren’t jumping for joy over the state budget deal. Nevada’s stunning budget agreement will continue to impose a much higher tax burden on the poor than on the rich while severely underfunding education and humane social services, thus inflicting immediate and long-term damage to Nevada’s already hopelessly wrecked economy.

  • Will Nevada Government Shutdown?1

    A lot of stuff has gone on since the beginning of the 2011 Nevada Legislative session.  So much stuff in fact that it has become overly complicated to even see the big picture of where the session is headed.  Here’s a breakdown of how things are going in our state capital. Sandoval will veto anything


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