• Let’s Make Nevada Green

    Let’s Make Nevada Green0

    I admit that when you’re looking down at the ground from thousands of feet up through your aircraft window, things tend to appear beautiful. But even that knowledge cannot prepare you for the stunning beauty sprawling underneath you as your aircraft starts to descend into Nevada. Vast stretches of arid land, majestic mountains and psychedelic

  • Nevada Republican Says Slavery is an Option

    Nevada Republican Says Slavery is an Option0

    Is slavery on the platform of the Nevada Republican Party? Thankfully no, but a video found by political activist Laura Martin reveals Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler of Assembly District 39 saying he would support slavery, if that’s what his constituents wanted. The irony is that I often here conservatives emphasizing the republic nature of our system of government…

  • A Student’s Take on the Sparks Middle School Shooting

    A Student’s Take on the Sparks Middle School Shooting1

    Today’s shooting in Sparks, Nevada represents yet another instance of gun violence that seems to plague American society.  The gun culture has run amok and now risks students across the country, from Newtown, CT to Nevadans. As a student born in Nevada, the shooting at Sparks Middle School brings the rampant gun problem into a