• Who is Responsible for Government Shutdown in 6 Easy Steps

    Who is Responsible for Government Shutdown in 6 Easy Steps0

    The U.S. government is shutdown and the partisan blame game has already started. Sifting through the spin and B.S. can be tough, but thankfully the Nevada Ledger is here to give you a quick rundown in 2 minutes of your time. Let’s recap the facts: Trump wants help for DREAMers in the bill. Donald Trump

  • Can Nevada Protect Net Neutrality?

    Can Nevada Protect Net Neutrality?0

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just voted to remove Net Neutrality regulations from the internet. Net Neutrality keeps the internet running smoothly for everyone, and keeps costs down. Removing these regulations will allow a handful of large internet service providers to pick winners and losers by charging more money for faster internet service and more

  • Who are the Snowflakes in Politics?

    Who are the Snowflakes in Politics?0

    Being too politically correct has earned the left the title “snowflake” by supporters of Donald Trump. Their premise is that liberals are too sensitive because everything offends them. However, a recent Yale study suggests conservatives often basing their primary political views in fear. This has been confirmed in numerous studies, one even finding that conservatives have