‘What’s Her Name’ Fails Las Vegas One Last Time

‘What’s Her Name’ Fails Las Vegas One Last Time

“With friends like these…”

After years of letting us down on so many important issues the county deals with, like protecting Red Rock Canyon, outgoing county commissioner Susan Brager had to depart with a bang, letting us all down one last time. The so-called Democrat endorsed the Republican candidate for her seat, Tisha Black, AKA #TishWontCommish

So what? I know…who cares? No one will remember ‘what’s her name’ anyways, nor will any voter weighing their decision hear about this, let alone care. She must know this too… so it’s either a vindictive slight to Democrat candidate Justin Jones, or it’s a very public display to the developers who want to destroy Red Rock Canyon, that she’s one of them… and is available post Clark County Commission service in 2019. Did I mention she’s a realtor!

I want my readers to know they shouldn’t worry. Justin Jones is a solid candidate with lots of street cred, and he knows how to win. He’s known as “That Red Rock Guy” because he’s spent his years doing something that the people of Las Vegas will have a reason to remember him by. He fought the development of Red Rock Canyon because the place is amazing and he has a soul. Our grandchildren will probably go to a school named Justin Jones Elementary. So get out and walk his district or make a contribution!

Here’s the take away: Friends don’t let friends vote for lame Democrats. Every county commission seat is held by a Democrat. Why on earth are there these Republican light candidates winning Democratic primaries in these commission districts?

Granted, if Susan Brager was running against Adam Laxalt, she’d have my vote. But we can do better…much better.  Justin Jones is way better. Tick Segerblom is filling in big shoes, but he happens to have really big feet.

Something for all you amazing Democratic activists (probably the only people reading this sad blog) to think about. Love ya!

And this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the scathing response from Battle Born Progress on Susan Brager’s betrayal. Worth a read.


Justin McAffee

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