Tick Segerblom to Run For Clark County Commission E

Tick Segerblom to Run For Clark County Commission E

Good news for the residents of Clark County Commission District E today! They may be losing a great commissioner with Chris Giunchigliani running for governor, but now they have Senator Tick Segerblom running to replace her on the commission.

“I’m running to improve quality of life for Southern Nevadans,” said Segerblom. “Clark County has enjoyed amazing growth for many years; now it’s time we focused on making it livable.  What good is it to have a job if your neighborhood is unsafe, the roads are overcrowded, and the schools are underfunded? We are known as a great county for business, but we also need to be a great county that has safe and clean neighborhoods, excellent schools, environmental planning and sufficient investments in roads, parks and public safety.”

Senator Tick Segerblom has the right priorities we need on the Clark County Commission. He always has. As a third generation Nevadan, and fourth generation legislator, he not only understands what Nevada needs right now, he knows how to get it done.

Tick has served Nevada well in the legislature since 2007. I know he’ll also serve us well on the Clark County Commission. Just look at his own list of priorities below and see:

I am a proud liberal Democrat who wakes up every morning committed to fighting Trump and his humiliating conduct and evil policies.  We cannot let him destroy Obamacare and deport DREAMers!

I support an additional 1% sales tax in Clark County – which will generate $400 million a year – to be used for public schools and universities located in Clark County.  My years in the Legislature have taught me that Clark County must separate itself from the rest of the state when it comes to education – we must raise and spend what we need and not let Northern Nevada hold us hostage.

We need to ensure that labor unions and their members are involved when local government spends hard-earned tax payer dollars.

We need to create a marijuana bank to improve public safety and allow for the creation of facilities and events where marijuana can be legally used and enjoyed.

We need to extend the monorail to Mandalay Bay and create a light rail system that connects downtown with UNLV and the airport.

We  need to restrict the dreaded “orange cones” that literally cover every street in our valley.

Las Vegas needs a major art museum.  We are the largest city in the United States that doesn’t have a nationally recognized art museum.

We need to change the name of McCarran Airport to Harry Reid International Airport.  Pat McCarran was a racist bigot and every day his name is publicly associated with our great airport is a slap in the face to our diverse city.

Clark County needs to take a true leadership role to advance the climate change fight and ensure water and energy sustainability to create the type of community that will attract good jobs and new businesses.

That’s the right kind of candidate. When people talk about Democrats needing a message in 2018 other than ‘Trump is bad’, all they need to do is come talk to Tick Segerblom. Education, working people, public transportation, union labor, safe and regulated marijuana industry, the arts, historic preservation, and environmental protections are at the top of his list. That’s a message my friends.

Now, more than ever, it’s so important to stay involved in local elections. We don’t have to wait to make progressive change happen. Our state and local leaders, like the Clark County Commission, have a huge say in how our communities function day-to-day. Everything from education and schools to protections and wages for workers are determined by our state and local elected leaders. In contrast, Republicans are always looking for ways to help billionaires and the ultra-wealthy. We need people like Senator Segerblom in positions of power to ensure we have true liberal representation right here at home. The way we make sure Trump loses is to wake up every day and work to elect progressives like Tick Segerblom.

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Justin McAffee

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