Dean Heller to Confirm Blogger for Federal Judge?

Dean Heller to Confirm Blogger for Federal Judge?

A Republican controlled senate committee just voted to approve Trump nominee (awardee) Brett J. Talley for a life-time appointment as a federal judge.  He has zero trial experience, is 36 and is a pro-Trump blogger.  A judicial rating committee in the American Bar Association reportedly unanimously declared Talley “not qualified” ahead of his confirmation. Considering Dean Heller knows his party is all in for this guy, one can only assume that Heller is going to vote to confirm this absurdly unqualified person to the federal judiciary.  This is unprecedented, and scary.

Approving completely unqualified people to the federal judiciary is bad enough by itself, but here’s another reason why this is especially egregious. Just a few years ago, Dean Heller refused to confirm Elissa Cadish, who was widely viewed as super-qualified for the federal judiciary. For a long time, he wouldn’t say why.  He then started saying she wasn’t qualified. How was she not qualified? Under the guise that she didn’t support the Second Amendment as currently understood by the Supreme Court based on an remark she made before the landmark case that defined the current understanding.  Her comment at the time was accurate and was the understanding long held by our nation’s legal system for well over 200 years before this landmark case in 2008.  Her comments after that decision reflected her commitment to the current law.  How do these facts make someone unqualified in this context, but a blogger with a law degree for three years and zero trial experience is right for the job?

Who Does Dean Heller Serve?

When it comes to determining who is qualified to serve on the federal judiciary, Dean Heller’ partisan and reckless choices are nauseating.  It might be easy to say that Dean Heller is an imbecile… but I would venture to say it’s worst than that. He isn’t a dummy.  This is all part of his calculous to get support from his extreme base who he needs for reelection.  They love Trump, and what Trump says, goes…. or you’re done here.

Dean Heller is a politician who lacks conviction and character and has chosen instead to be a tool and a puppet of Donald Trump.  This is one of the saddest takeaways from 2017: Politicians with character in the Republican Party not falling in line with the Trump/Bannon agenda are getting slaughtered.  This was no doubt the basis of the early retirement of Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona.  There’s an unusually high number of Republicans retiring this year. Is there an opening for Democrats as a result? Sure, but our politics are in a dangerous place when either party is ran by their extremists.  That’s exactly where the Republican Party and Dean Heller are today. Be afraid… be very afraid.

Justin McAffee

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