Nevada Ledger Launches In Time For 2018 Elections

Nevada Ledger Launches In Time For 2018 Elections

The 2018 election cycle is officially here. Things are already heating up in Nevada with an open-seat gubernatorial race, and a hotly-contested senate race that may shift the balance of power in Washington DC. It will be exciting to watch, and the Nevada Ledger is launching in time to cover the issues and elections for you.

From late 2010 until 2014, we were known as The Nevada View, listed on the Washington Post’s list of best state-based political blogs. Thankfully, we preserved our content and it is published on this site in the category “archives.” Relaunching as Nevada Ledger, we are once again ready to be in the mix and provide Nevadans with good information and insights into public policy and the important players in the process. Why are we back?

Trump’s Agenda Took a Nose Dive Yesterday

Trump Nose DiveAfter Donald Trump’s brand actually managed to win a presidential election, sitting on the sidelines and watching our nation’s politics devolve was no longer an option. Everyday Americans need to rise up and have a voice. The Nevada View was always a place that gave a voice to Nevadans to publicly communicate to both citizens and leaders about what is happening, and what we need from our system of government.

Last night, Democrats showed up to vote in big numbers, especially in Virginia where taking the state house was considered a long shot. It’s a sign that the national environment is unfriendly to Trump’s agenda. Republican incumbents are retiring. New seats will be up for grabs. There are many signs that 2018 will a bad year for Trump.

Nevada Ledger Is Ready To Be Your Voice

If you couldn’t tell, the folks at the Nevada Ledger don’t appreciate Mr. Trump’s leadership (if you want to call it that). More importantly, for the long term health of our Democracy, we feel that citizen participation needs to increase.  Our primary mission is to give a megaphone to community voices. Let’s face it, the rich and powerful have paid and earned media. Journalists have a job to do. Newspapers have ads to sell. What we offer is perspective from the community.

We hope that you will follow along and even participate in our efforts. If you are interested in submitting an article or open letter, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll see you in the trenches.

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