Why I Support Chris Giunchigliani for Governor

Why I Support Chris Giunchigliani for Governor

Chris Miller has served as the chair of the Clark County Democratic Party from 2011 to 2017. The following is his written submission to the Nevada Ledger.

Governor Chris Giunchigliani. It has a nice ring to it. 2018 is the time to break the 24-year drought of electing a Democrat to the Nevada State House and the first woman ever to the office of governor of Nevada. The candidate is Chris G.

As we look at what’s happening around the country and across our state, 2018 is not a time to sit still and not be involved. Because of Chris G’s ability to listen, understand and formulate solutions to the issues facing Nevadans, because of her support for other candidates and because of her support for the party, please join me as I fully support Chris Giunchigliani for Governor.

Chris G differs from her primary opponent because instead of grandstanding and playing politics as usual, she is doing what has served her and her constituents best – listening and understanding the needs of everyday Nevadans. Chris G has been on several listening tours of northern and rural Nevada. Meeting Nevadans of all backgrounds. Hearing their concerns. Developing solutions. As a matter of fact, she is starting to work with folks to solve one of the biggest problems she is hearing about on her listening tours – mental health and addiction issues. She is working with professionals in those fields to form solutions that can be immediately implemented. Leadership.

Chris Giunchigliani listens to a group at a meeting of the Young Urban Professionals

How else does Chris G differ from her opponent? During my tenure as chairman of the Clark County Democratic Party, I can tell you Chris G was ALWAYS a supporter of the party and of Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.. In addition to monetary support, Chris walked the talk. I have been at many candidate canvasses over the years and Chris has been right there with me –  knocking doors for other Democrats. She understands the importance of electing a strong slate of candidates to move our state forward and works hard to make it happen.   

Chris Giunchigliani has served our state for many years.

From her work fighting for teachers as president of both the Clark County Education Association and the Nevada State Education Association, she knows education. As NSEA President, she traveled to almost every school in Nevada to meet with teachers and staff, so she could listen and understand issues and come up with real solutions. That’s the type of leader Chris is.

When Chris was elected to the Nevada State Assembly in 1990, she used that same philosophy to serve the residents of Assembly District 9. Chris was one of the first elected officials to give out her home phone number to constituents, so she could better listen and represent their needs in the state legislature. That’s great leadership. They knew what an excellent assemblywoman she was and responded by electing Chris eight times.

Not happy with the status quo in her commission district, Chris took a chance, walked precincts and listened to the voters in Clark County Commission District E. The ability once again to hear the needs of voters paid off as Chris unseated a sitting county commissioner to win her first of three commission elections in 2006.

Chris G listens, she finds solutions, she gets results. She has the proven track record of leadership that Nevada needs. Vote Chris Giunchigliani for Nevada Governor!



Publisher’s note: The publisher of the Nevada Ledger’s company, Most Digital, has performed some design work for Chris Giunchigliani for Governor. 

Chris Miller

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