Three Ads Attacking Congressman Joe Heck Online

Three Ads Attacking Congressman Joe Heck Online

Even though the 2014 election is just shy of a year away, Congressman Joe Heck is already starting to feel the heat. I’ve been seeing paid ads on Facebook and other social media posts bringing light to issues with Heck. A lot of people aren’t happy with his leadership, even some on the right.

Facebook ad 1:

This ad sponsored by the National Pro Life Alliance, caught my eye. They are presumably raising questions about Heck’s pro-life position. See ad here:

Facebook ad 2:

This ad, sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reminds folks that as long as Congressman Heck is in office, government shutdowns are a recurring possibility.

Web Ad:

The Cost of Inaction campaign is targeting Joe Heck for failing to support a bill on comprehensive immigration reform that has already passed the U.S. Senate with bi-partisan support. Heck’s campaign says he supports “immigration reform,” but there are always plenty of excuses billed as qualifiers to give him an out. 74% of his constituents support immigration reform with a path to citizenship, a hanging point for Mr. Heck.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say there are many more ads and attacks to come over the next year.

Justin McAffee

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