• While Amodei Two Steps With “Tea Party”, Nevadans Need Real Solutions3

    Yesterday, Republicans were already taking out the “Mission Accomplished” sign and declaring victory. They were proclaiming a shoddy “poll” paid by a shadowy “tea party” outfit that couldn’t even refer to Kate Marshall by her correct name as “proof” that they’re on track to win. Some of the readers of the Reno Gazette-Journal have contacted

  • Must We Trash Tahoe Forever?1

    All may seem to be well at Lake Tahoe, but it really isn’t. That seemed to be the underlying theme of this year’s Lake Tahoe Summit. While there was plenty of pomp and circumstance surrounding Governors Jerry Brown (D-California) and Brian Sandoval (R-Nevada) signing a 65 year pact to improve clarity, the smiles couldn’t be

  • NV-03: Who Does Joe Heck Really Serve?8

    Oh, my. I guess yesterday’s “event” with Joe Heck didn’t quite go as planned. What especially looks to be the problem at hand was the event Joe Heck attended. Was it private? Were protests allowed? Who was causing a scene? Honestly, that’s missing the point. Why is Joe Heck’s event page completely empty? Why was


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