• Nevada’s Best Political Cartoon of 201110

    Nevada’s Best Political Cartoon of 2011 has to qualified here.  First, this is about amateur bloggers, not professional cartoonists.  Second, if you took a photo and added text to it, that qualifies.  I’ve done some myself, so I’m excluding my own pics from the judging.  I’m also leaving out Nevada Scandalmonger pics because he/she doesn’t

  • Governor Sandoval Sails: Let Them Eat Wake1

    There once was a crazy leader in Rome, who fiddled while Rome burned. Here in Nevada, we have a sailor for a Governor, yo ho – blow the poor down! He recently spent quality time with his buddies. Here’s a cute photo of the Governor out for a cruise! Click Here. I wonder how much

  • Michelle Rhee and Governor Sandoval2

    Michelle Rhee “reformed” Washington DC schools. She showed great improvements on standardized tests. . . kind of. But there seem to be some statistical anomalies with her test numbers. . . and then there are noticeable amounts of erasures. Seems like right after she left Washington D.C – the scores went back to normal? HMMMMMMMM


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