• Dean Heller to Confirm Blogger for Federal Judge?

    Dean Heller to Confirm Blogger for Federal Judge?0

    A Republican controlled senate committee just voted to approve Trump nominee (awardee) Brett J. Talley for a life-time appointment as a federal judge.  He has zero trial experience, is 36 and is a pro-Trump blogger.  A judicial rating committee in the American Bar Association reportedly unanimously declared Talley “not qualified” ahead of his confirmation. Considering Dean Heller knows

  • Senator Dean Heller: How About Some Ethics?0

    Open letter to Nevada Senator Dean Heller: It takes a very brave senator or representative to push to move this country forward and really work for regular people. Can you imagine our country with legislation working to benefit regular citizens? We can make our country super strong! But you must be ethical and not take money

  • Bipartisan Support for Bring Jobs Home Act?1

    Earlier today at Senator Heller’s office in downtown Las Vegas a large group of Nevada’s labor community came out to sincerely ask for the Senator’s support for the “Bring Jobs Home Act” which he and Senator Reid are scheduled to vote on next week.  It  is a common sense bill that would close tax credit