• Senator Dean Heller: How About Some Ethics?0

    Open letter to Nevada Senator Dean Heller: It takes a very brave senator or representative to push to move this country forward and really work for regular people. Can you imagine our country with legislation working to benefit regular citizens? We can make our country super strong! But you must be ethical and not take money

  • Cause of US Debt Explained in Short Video18

    The election is already over and here I stumbled onto a video I found which explains better than any other source exactly what policies are causing our enormous national debt.  I already was aware of the facts, but this lays them out well.  You may be surprised which political party’s policies are primarily the cause

  • The National Debt4

    This is being written during the early morning hours of Monday, August 1. Over the weekend the President, leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives have reached a tentative agreement over the nation’s debt limit and spending cuts. The pending agreement will be presented to the individual members of the House and the


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