• Building a Public Education Counter-Movement in the Las Vegas Area1

    At the K-12 levels, high-quality teachers and well-run schools are essential to student achievement. However, public educators are largely being blamed for struggling students rather than focusing on larger systemic issues such as children in poverty, unsafe neighborhoods and substandard schools which can make it difficult to learn (1). Although there is a lot of focus on education problems by policymakers,

  • Marriage Discrimination, That’s What It Is0

    Most of us would be shocked if we heard that a state passed a law barring interracial marriages today.  Yet we are only a few years removed from when that was common place.  As a matter of fact, it was just in the year 2000 when Alabama (Sweet Home?) became the final state to repeal

  • PRIDE in Pahrump5

    For the first time in Nevada history, Pahrump will be host to a PRIDE event at the Saddle West Hotel & Casino on August 19th and 20th. To say this is historic is an understatement. Pahrump, with its nearly 40,000 residents is still an unincorporated town, making it the largest settlement in the United States. It is known for its conservative values and its brothels, quiet small-town family life and steadfast grip on the last remaining vestiges of the old wild-wild west. In fact, the town’s motto is “Heart of the New Old West”. Will the LGBT community turn out?


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