• The Precarious Situation of Nevada’s ELL Students3

    (or “Why Nevada is Going to Get Sued for Millions.“) With recent headlines like “Conference attendees say Nevada isn’t doing enough to educate ELL students,” and “GOP lawmaker seeks more state funding for English language learners,” it should come as no surprise that Nevada has an English Language Learner problem in its grade schools. What such

  • UNLV Student Attacked for Immigration Status51

    To the Editor, I write this letter with a heavy heart and deep concern for UNLV students, the campus, the community, and my safety. I was recently informed by three current UNLV CSUN (Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada) Student Government members that a CSUN Senator had plans to file a legal case with

  • Shirley Matson Recall Underway19

    If you live in Nye County, Nevada, particularly in Pahrump, the name Shirley Matson is probably familiar to you. Ms. Matson is the Nye County Tax Assessor. She was elected Assessor of Nye County last November for a four-year term. According to Doug McMurdo of the Las Vegas Review-Journal Matson on March 11, 2011 e-mailed

  • Georgia Republicans Ruin Economy with Anti-Immigration Bill1

    Georgia recently passed HB 87, an effort to enforce federal immigration laws at the local level, much like Arizona’s SB1070. Now undocumented workers are fleeing the state in fear, leaving the farming industry incapable of handing the harvest. This could cost the state millions of dollars. Conservatism used to be about avoiding the unintended consequences

  • ICE ‘Secure Communities’ a Big Problem for Nevada1

    In response to mounting criticism, the Obama Administration announced reforms to the ICE “Secure Communities” (S-Comm) jail deportation program last Friday. The S-Comm “reform” announcement acknowledges grave problems in S-Comm’s design and implementation, but it falls short of the moratorium on the program expected by law makers and immigrant rights advocates. See video below. In


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