• Joe Heck Against Government Mail, Before He Was King of It1

    Politics should probably be less about individual politicians, and more about real issues. Every once in a while, however, it is good to do an hypocrisy alert… after all, elections do have consequences. Today’s alert goes out to Nevada’s own Joe Heck from Congressional District 3. Hey, Congressman Heck isn’t shy at all when being

  • Rep. Joe Heck Urged to Protect Taxpayers0

    Several Nevada residents gathered in front of the IRS Building today to present $2,000 invoices to Congressman Joe Heck for services and items that they will no longer be able to afford if their tax cuts expire. Kathleen Nelson a Navy Veteran presented Joe Heck with an invoice for physical therapy treatments for her special

  • What the Heck, Joe?1

    Rep. Joe Heck was handed a dream piece of legislation — a chance to bring jobs to his district, diversify the economy and even do something good for public lands. The legislation would have protected Gold Butte, Nevada’s Gateway to the Grand Canyon, by declaring it a national monument. Heck was handed this on a


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