• Mark Amodei is a Wussy and a Fugazi1

    A congressional election in Nevada has now been reduced to a yo mamma battle. Mark Amodei is crying to the press that Kate Marshall made fun of his momma. Really Mark? In an ad released by the Marshall campaign, Amodei’s position on killing Medicare (aka Medicare light – with vouchers and doubled costs) are taken

  • Kate Marshall or Mark Amodei?6

    Apathy and low turnout is the mark of a recent headline at the New York Times covering the election in Nevada’s Second Congressional District.  Where’s the interest?  Why aren’t people lining up at the polls? There’s been a lot of grumblings about the candidates in the press, describing them as lackluster and decrying their over

  • While Amodei Two Steps With “Tea Party”, Nevadans Need Real Solutions3

    Yesterday, Republicans were already taking out the “Mission Accomplished” sign and declaring victory. They were proclaiming a shoddy “poll” paid by a shadowy “tea party” outfit that couldn’t even refer to Kate Marshall by her correct name as “proof” that they’re on track to win. Some of the readers of the Reno Gazette-Journal have contacted

  • Kate Marshall Puts $32 Million in Nevadan’s Hands0

    Kate Marshall, currently serving as Nevada’s state treasurer, has made history again.  She has returned $32 million in unclaimed property back to the rightful owners, the highest amount recorded in Nevada.  She’s also running for congress, in case you hadn’t heard. This beats out a previous record number $25.3 million set in 2009 by none

  • Kate Marshall Blogs on Daily Kos0

    Nevada Congressional District 2 is going to special election between Kate Marshall and Republican Mark Amodei.  The courts have decided that a recent statute didn’t actually change the way the election will run, even though clearly that was why a new statute was written.  Oh well. Kate Marshall will take a lot of heat from

  • Kate Marshall Wins Democratic Party Nomination1

    The Nevada State Democratic Party Central Committee made their votes today for Kate Marshall as the party’s candidate for Nevada’s second congressional district.  Kate Marshall is currently serving the beginning of her second term as the state treasurer. Our correspondents at the central committee meeting report that there is much confidence in Kate Marshall among


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