• Carolyn Goodman’s Attack Backfires—Attacks Oscar Instead0

    The race for Mayor of Las Vegas became an exercise in hypocrisy today as Carolyn Goodman attacked her opponent for having exactly the same positions as her husband and present Mayor, Oscar Goodman. In her new ad, which is long on lies and short on facts, Carolyn Goodman leveled her charges against Chris Giunchigliani by citing a tax vote from 8 years ago and Giunchigliani’s support of “home rule.” The problem is Oscar Goodman has identical positions. Mrs. Goodman has said repeatedly that she wants to continue her husband’s policies but is now attacking Chris Giunchigliani for embracing several of those same policies supported by her husband.

  • Polls in Las Vegas Mayor Race Controversy0

    If you are confused about who is winning the Las Vegas Mayor’s race you would not be alone. The Carolyn Goodman campaign has released two polls that have her winning by more than 20 points. The Chris Giunchigliani campaign has released a poll that has the race a dead heat. Since then, Carolyn Goodman campaign

  • Nevada View Endorses Chris Giunchigliani for Mayor1

    Las Vegas needs a mayor with demonstrated leadership skills; someone with a solid plan for revitalizing the community and spurring economic recovery. We believe Chris Giunchigliani is the only real choice in this election. Giunchigliani is the one with the proven track record and a demonstrated commitment of service to the community. Goodman is the one with the grudge against her opponent.


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