• GOP is blind to the American Worker6

    Shaun Donovan, the secretary of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department, wrote a guest column in the Las Vegas Sun today about the need of Congress to act on President Obama’s Jobs bill. Not only does Mr. Donovan think Congress should act, but a majority of Americans do as well and those Americans should

  • Amodei the AWOL Applicant8

    A candidate running for office is literally interviewing with voters to get hired (or re-hired) for the widely advertised job. What we have here in Nevada, is a rare instance of a wide open Congressional seat not held down by a well entrenched incumbent. One of the applicants for this coveted job would be Republican

  • Mark Amodei, Years From Now (Video)4

    Thanks to science, we are now able to digitally analyze photos to see how age will affect a person’s appearance.  So we decided to run this scan on Mark Amodei to see how he will look in a few years from now.  The results were startling. How old is Mark Amodei?  He was born in

  • Mark Amodei Commercial Response Video1

    So Mark Amodei thinks he’s a funny guy.  He pulled out these old videos and cherry picked to fuse together this nonsense commercial to make Kate Marshall look like an Obamabot.  Very clever.  All this time I had no idea that politicians used catch phrases in their speeches.  Whew!  Thanks for pointing that out Mark!

  • Mark Amodei is a Wussy and a Fugazi1

    A congressional election in Nevada has now been reduced to a yo mamma battle. Mark Amodei is crying to the press that Kate Marshall made fun of his momma. Really Mark? In an ad released by the Marshall campaign, Amodei’s position on killing Medicare (aka Medicare light – with vouchers and doubled costs) are taken

  • Mark Amodei (& Joe Heck) to Nevada: Get Nuked!2

    This is in his district, and this would hurt his constituents if built… But Mark Amodei doesn’t care. For three decades, firm opposition to any sort of nuclear development for Yucca Mountain has been a rite of passage for any candidate seeking national political office representing Nevada. But the past few congressional races, Republicans have


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