• Desperation of Carolyn Goodman’s Attack Ads0

    I’m not like most people; I love it when campaigns go negative. It is my favorite part of the election cycle. To me, campaigns are always more fun when there is a little blood on the floor. But being a connoisseur of negative campaigning, I hate it when they just throw out one size fits

  • Carolyn Goodman’s Attack Backfires—Attacks Oscar Instead0

    The race for Mayor of Las Vegas became an exercise in hypocrisy today as Carolyn Goodman attacked her opponent for having exactly the same positions as her husband and present Mayor, Oscar Goodman. In her new ad, which is long on lies and short on facts, Carolyn Goodman leveled her charges against Chris Giunchigliani by citing a tax vote from 8 years ago and Giunchigliani’s support of “home rule.” The problem is Oscar Goodman has identical positions. Mrs. Goodman has said repeatedly that she wants to continue her husband’s policies but is now attacking Chris Giunchigliani for embracing several of those same policies supported by her husband.

  • Carolyn Goodman Uses Context Excuse Again0

    Carolyn Goodman recently started using my favorite excuse for inconvenient comments: claiming they were taken out of context. This is right up there with claiming “those aren’t my drugs, I was just holding them for a friend.” Carolyn Goodman’s campaign manager Bradley Mayer tried to deflect criticism about Carolyn’s statements on the collapse of the


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