• Austerity Failed Nevada0

    According to some pundits, Brian Sandoval is “Teh Awesomest Gube… EVAH!” and Nevada’s current economic woes have nothing to do with our unsustainable “growth begets growth” economic delusion model. Ever since the state budget agreement was cobbled together at the very last minute, we seem to have yet again forgotten why Nevada can’t get out

  • Why Nevada Schools Aren’t Working0

    (Also at Nevada Progressive) The Sun has a story this morning about Daniel Avellino, a second grade teacher at Aggie Roberts Elementary here in Henderson. Because of all the budget cuts of the last two years, Avellino has had a harder time paying off his college debt… Or even paying the bills and buying groceries.

  • Nevada, We Don’t Need No Education!1

    I am so sick of hearing about the state’s budget problem. Nevada’s government has plenty of money from the tax dollars we already pay. We have gaming tax, sales tax, and property tax. Obviously, having a small tax system has brought us great prosperity so far, right? Like momma always said, if it ain’t broken,


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