• Nevada Separation of Powers: Debunking Bogus Claims3

    There’s been a lot made of the Nevada Policy Research Institute’s (NPRI) lawsuit against State Senator Mo Denis, where they claim his job with the Public Utilities Commission (a division of the executive branch) is a violation of the Nevada Constitution because he serves in the legislature. First, let’s take a look at the language

  • NPRI LOVES Sharron Angle and Karl Rove27

    Just browsing around my arch-nemesis website to see who-is-who at the Nevada Policy Research Institute. They seem to like to publish government employee salaries and tell everyone that teachers like me are overpaid and useless. So what do THEY do? Who are THEIR friends? Why do they hate teachers and public education so much? Could

  • NPRI Fabricates Nevada Public Employee Unemployment0

    The so-called Nevada Policy Research Institute is the worst kind of AstroTurf research group there is. They regularly mislead the public with the most erroneous and argumentative drivel that one could possibly contrive. Their latest misinformation campaign claims that Nevada’s state workers unemployment rate “hits a staggering .21 percent.” Fiction can be fun, but I


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