• Excellence Happens in Vegas0

    Cross posted from EduShyster’s blog. Keeping an eye on the corporate education agenda. It’s time once again to climb aboard the rephorm express. Today we’re headed west, to Vegas, baby: home to the legendary Strip, the Hoover Dam, and these days, plenty of excellence, Teach for America style. Alas, what happens in Vegas likely won’t

  • ALEC and NPRI: Outsider Influence in Nevada7

    Where does the GOP get all this great and fabulous anti-teacher and anti-public school legislation? Do you think the Nevada conservatives are sitting around preparing for the next legislative session right now? Does the Nevada GOP write this conservative legislation for our state based on their constituency and the peoples’ needs in Nevada? Naw, they

  • NPRI reads HARANGUE?4

    Some say art tells a lot about the person who owns it. Some say music. I say BOOKS. Ever wonder what NPRI (Nevada Policy Research Institute) has on it’s shelves? CLICK HERE TO SEE You can always look on their facebook page that shows a shelf in their new office with the NPRI’s reading materials.

  • Is Koch Brothers Money Killing Nevada’s Schools?11

    Do we REALLY want David and Charles KOCH foundations to try to influence legislation in Nevada that kills public education. Do we REALLY want a conservative sitting behind a desk in Washington, deciding how we fund our NEVADA public schools? Could there be groups like this? Groups which have a goal of establishing “think tanks”

  • NPRI LOVES Sharron Angle and Karl Rove27

    Just browsing around my arch-nemesis website to see who-is-who at the Nevada Policy Research Institute. They seem to like to publish government employee salaries and tell everyone that teachers like me are overpaid and useless. So what do THEY do? Who are THEIR friends? Why do they hate teachers and public education so much? Could


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