• Corruption and Collusion in Sin City (UNLV Edition)0

    Published at the request of the duly elected senators, of the 43rd session, of the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Many students missed a warning when two extremely conservative campus leaders joined with a more liberal student to vie for the executive board of the undergraduate student government (CSUN) at the University

  • UNLV Student Attacked for Immigration Status51

    To the Editor, I write this letter with a heavy heart and deep concern for UNLV students, the campus, the community, and my safety. I was recently informed by three current UNLV CSUN (Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada) Student Government members that a CSUN Senator had plans to file a legal case with

  • UNLV Students Say No Mark Ciavola22

    UNLV Student elections are today and Thursday. So what? It actually is important stuff. Why? Whoever the president is will make an impact on how students deal with the legislature in the 2013 legislative session. Mark Ciavola knows this, and that’s the only reason he’s running. You see, Mark Ciavola was against funding the historic

  • Glenn Cook’s Lies About Dina Titus1

    Glenn Cook hates Dina Titus.  What else is new?  He recently wrote one of his campaign mailer attack piece “op-ed” articles in a “newspaper” and the College Republicans are dancing wildly like mad children.  Everyone else hears nails on a chalkboard. Dina Titus doesn’t seem to get any back around here, so she wrote a

  • Dina Titus: Free Speech and UNLV Policy3

    UNLV College Republicans have taken a peculiar stance against former Congresswoman Dina Titus, accusing her of cheating in a political debate against Joe Heck and standing by unfair claims made against him.  Even with the election over, these conservative students are still pushing for some sort of action from UNLV because, they claim, she should


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