A Modest Proposal to Wealth Inequality Problem

In the last scene of the Tennesse Williams play A Street Car Named Desire, Blanche DuBois, who is mentally ill, is being led off to a mental institution. As she leaves  she declares: “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

We continually see the ever increasing inequality of the distribution of wealth in the United States and constantly debate whether it is good for our society. Instead of agonizing over whether it is good or bad we should simply settle the matter by observing what happens when we accelerate and maximize the wealth accumulation to be acquired by the 0.1% of our population, with only a minimal amount of wealth available to the remaining portion of the population.

There is no denying we will have to depend on the “kindness” of the newly created plutocrats. I’m sure they will develop an extensive “safety net”. People will own the phrase “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. As a matter of fact there will be no need to worry about anything. After all, we will be cared for by issuance of sufficient food stamps for all. Access to medical care will be available to all at hospital emergency rooms when deathly sick. Public education will be modified so that graduates will qualify for the numerous jobs in the financial industry, or as a menial laborer on the diverse assembly lines. We won’t have to think too much so there won’t be much need for higher education.

In recognition of the obvious important societal modifications, appropriate titles such as: king, queen, baron, etc. will be bestowed upon the members of the new plutocracy depending on the amount of wealth they have accumulated. This type of recognition has been around for centuries, from the ancient pharaohs of Egypt to the Kings of England. The beneficial impact of these plutocratic systems on their subjects is well illustrated in the many jobs created by Pharaoh Ramses I for the ancient Israelites.

Fortunately for us, our present political system contains a “flaw” that might interfere with the creation of our promised land. It is called the VOTE.  If we exercise our VOTES, we can avoid becoming like Blanche DuBois in A Street Car Named Desire who made the fatal mistake of depending on the “kindness of  strangers”.

It is OK to depend on the “kindness” of strangers, however, take heed as you may not want to go where they lead you.


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