Amanda Fulkerson, Chief Communications Officer for CCSD, Divorcing Victor Joecks, NPRI’s Communications Officer. [Part 2 of 2]

I see Amanda Fulkerson is divorcing Victor Joecks!

That was faster than Britney Spears!

Victor Joecks has been making the rounds promoting his NPRI union-busting activities. He got his buddies at the local paper to auto-pen his Koch propaganda in public – AGAIN. The news media, which leans conservative, seems to love his drama, drama, drama. He’s making appearances on the Agenda and elsewhere. But where is his wife Amanda?

He does seem a little confused – he keeps quoting law – well pieces of the law anyhow . . .


4. A person may request a copy of a public record in any medium in which the public record is readily available. An officer, employee or agent of a governmental entity who has legal custody or control of a public record shall not refuse to provide a copy of that public record in a readily available medium because the officer, employee or agent has already prepared or would prefer to provide the copy in a different medium.

Not that I give any credibility to anything posted on NPRI – but it is fun to look at the information and see the twisted argument. What? Only part of the law is quoted? What only part of the legislation posted?

Imagine that – Victor Joecks is halfway truthful.

I would consider it newsworthy if I ever heard or read anything from Victor Joecks that was truthful. I don’t see Amanda anymore – are you two broken up Victor?

Victor you write that she did NOT give you lists – but you were so close. Are you sure she didn’t share a few thousand or ten thousand names with you? She admitted to sharing some things already. So I guess we will see. Fortunately, things like that can be tracked down by computer administrators!



You’ll have to wait to harass teachers – until they are NOT using their work computer systems.

Meanwhile, Victor’s BFF, CCSD Communicator Extraordinaire – Amanda Fulkerson, is backpedaling as fast as her little CCSD Communications legs can go . . . to get away from her ex-paramour Victor. What? No more love for your little right wing pet? You are so fickle! But are you fired? Ruben Murillo, CCEA President, asked the School Board to consider it – don’t worry Amanda, with a conservative resume like yours…

In other news, the official CCSD stance was published – that would be the REAL legal opinion.

Dear Mr. Joecks:

We are in receipt of your correspondence dated June 11, 2012, for “CCSD’s email directory of teachers” We are also in receipt of your request for “CCSD’s list of physical addresses for teachers,” which you have subsequently clarified as “home addresses”

1. The public records law does not require the disclosure of “CCSD’s email directory of teachers” for several reasons. First, the InterAct email directory may be considered part of the employee’s personnel records and must be safeguarded by the District S NR.S 239010; NRS 603A.210; NRS 386.350; CCSD Regulation 1212; CCSD Regulation 4311. Second, the email directory falls within the definition of a non-record given that it is similar to a book or pamphlet. See NAC 239051. Third, it is unclear that the CCSD email directory constitutes a public record under the law, given that the Nevada Public Education Foundation owns the license to InterAct. NAC 239.09L Finally, even if the information were to be construed as a public record, it is the District’s position that a court would not require disclosure under the Donrey balancing test.. NRS 239.010; Donrey of’Nevada. Inc. v. Bradshaw, 106 Nev. 630 (1990); Reno Newspapers. Inc. v. Haley, 2.34 P.3d 922 (2010).

2. The public records law also does not require disclosure of the list of “physical addresses” of teachers based upon confidentiality principals or under the Donrey balancing test. NRS 239.010; NRS 603A.210; NRS 386,350; CCSD Regulation 1212; CCSD Regulation 4311; Donrey of Nevada. Inc. v. Bradshaw, 106 Nev. 630 (1990); Reno Newspapers. Inc. v. Haley, 234 P.3d 922 (2010); Reno Newspapers. Inc. v. Public Employees’ Retirement System of Nevada, Case No. 11 EW 00009 lB (December 22, 2011).

Finally, should this matter proceed to litigation, the District reserves the right to raise the aforementioned arguments as well as any other relevant legal theories in support of its position.

Carlos L. McDade
General Counsel

Wow – Victor, Victor, Victor – You should hire better lawyers over there at NPRI. The ones you bought with your billionaire “charity” budget seem to be failing you.

Don’t worry Amanda and Victor – you will both find propaganda spin artists to fulfill your every need.

People who think that NPRI the extreme right wing Koch Brother think tank should keep their union-busting hate mail to themselves instead of sending it to schools – should show up to support teachers at the July 12th school board meeting.

School Board Meeting –
July 12th – 4pm
Sign up to speak – by calling 799-1072

Contact your school board member –

PS. I’m hoping Amanda and Victor will get back together again – on the sly. Maybe even make a cute little Koch-ette – born with a silver spoon in its mouth!

[Published at the request of guest writer and reader Frances Kelley.]

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1 Comment

  • Pastor Sinnomore
    July 7, 2012, 8:50 am

    So, if Victor and Amanda do decide to rekindle their relationship and produce a little Koch-ette, I wonder if Amanda will insist on a marriage license this time around. Two children born out of wedlock seems so… well, so un-Republican!


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