Benghazi Baloney: Review Journal Unworthy Newspaper

The amateurish editorial board at the Las Vegas Review Journal has shown us once again its ugly partisan bias, lack of principles, and total reckless disregard of the truth in its recent editorial which attempted to slam Obama for Benghazi, yelling loudly that he is “unworthy” of being a president.

They really showed us how deep seated their hatred of Barack Obama really is.  In their narrative they depict Obama as a heartless traitor who sat and watched as fellow Americans died at the hands of Muslim extremists.  Really?  You have to really really hate the guy to believe that.  Once again, the RJ editors are not relying on facts to come to conclusions. Convoluted speculation at best, this narrative truly stinks of malicious revisionist history that would make the Orwellian Ministry of Information blush.  I can only imagine Glen Cook being capable of telling a lie so eloquently.

The Obama administration sat by doing nothing for seven hours that night, ignoring calls to dispatch help from our bases in Italy, less than two hours away.

Cook (I assume) further cooks up a fat batch of baloney bull with this baldfaced lie:

Prompt and strong action from the White House on Sept. 11 might have saved American lives, as well as America’s reputation as a nation not to be messed with. Weakness and dithering and flying to Las Vegas the next day for celebrity fund-raising parties are somehow better?

Going to have to call out the RJ on perjury/libel on this one.  In fact, Obama came to Las Vegas for a campaign rally open to the press which I attended.  It was not a “celebrity fund-raising party.”  This has been debunked, but the Review Journal editors hate Obama so much that they feel okay printing any fiction that suits their concocted narrative.  The irony is that while Obama didn’t attend a fundraiser that day, Mitt Romney did.

Later in the article they have the gal to talk about “four years of misguided foreign policy” after 8 years of Bush who spent a bloody fortune on two unnecessary wars and 12 US consulate attacks (not to mention terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center).  After plunging us into the depths of massive debt, George Bush’s policies have left this country less able to protect its own interests around the world.  How pathetic and unpatriotic for these clowns to politicize this tragedy and with such hypocrisy.  Considering idiot Romney believes Russia is our number one threat globally, the RJ should just shut up about foreign policy.  Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama should have been enough.

To return to office a narcissistic amateur who seeks to ride this nation’s economy and international esteem to oblivion, like Slim Pickens riding the nuclear bomb to its target at the end of the movie “Dr. Strangelove,” would be disastrous.

Did I just read that in a newspaper editorial about the President of the United States, because that sounded more like a line from Rush Limbaugh.  Do they actually believe he “seeks to ride this nation’s economy and international esteem to oblivion”?  Or that his second term would be “disastrous” for our country?  This isn’t good solid criticism or analysis, it’s ignorant hard headed vitriol.

We’ve come to expect this kind of bias and deception from political ads, but now the RJ is starting to sound like Crossroads GPS.  Is Karl Rove now on staff?

The Las Vegas Review Journal is an embarrassment to journalism and to Las Vegas.  There are hard working and talented people working there, and this is no reflection of them… my remarks are of course limited to the editorial board.

I wonder if any heads will roll again after this election?  At this point, Sherm may as well be running things.

For an adult discussion of the Benghazi “controversy” (aka contrived right-wing hate propaganda) see here:


Here’s a great video of Geraldo saying exactly what I’m saying.  There is legitimate questions about 1) Why was the ambassador there if we couldn’t protect him 2) Why the initial hoopla about the video blamed for the genesis of the attack.  Those are questions I think people want explained further.  But these questions are far removed from the implied argument that Obama sat by while these guys were murdered.  That is where the “newspaper,” conservative pundits and many of the commentators below have gotten reckless.

Geraldo discusses why the video was probably used as inspiration to attackers in Benghazi:

Justin McAffee is the publisher of the Nevada Ledger. Justin and his wife Aimee own a digital media consulting firm, Most Digital, in Las Vegas, Nevada. They specialize in website design and SEO, graphic design, content creation and photography.

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  1. Thank you and kudos for calling out the Las Vegas Review Journal for their lack of intellectual honesty. The Review Journal has the right to express its opinion but the editors cannot twist and massage facts to their will and that’s what they did.

  2. Typical review for supporters of Obama. As he said in his election campaign last time – Vote for him if you want “change.” Unfortunately the only change I find after the last 4 years is that I only have “change” left in my pocket. This is after his great “leadership” into pending national bankruptcy.

    1. Larry, maybe you should get a real job and stop relying on the government to have more money in your pocket… because essentially that’s what you just said.

  3. It sounds like the writer of this blog is unworthy and the liar.

    1. The White House did indeed know about the raid as it was happening and yet didn’t deploy an immediate, military defense. The White House then lied repeatedly to the American people about the motive of the assault by blaming it on the “You-Tube” video.

    2. Your collective amnesia about the Bush era is typical of leftist idiots. Both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were approved by the Senate with Hillary, Biden and Reid voting YEA for each. Interestingly 27 OTHER Democrats voted NO but I guess Obama only wanted Iraq yes-men serving in his administration’s top two spots.

    3. Do you want to compare Bush deficits at $400b a year to Obama’s $1.1tr a year? And did you know that tax receipts are all the way back to 2007 levels YET Obama has increased spending by $900bil a year?

    4. Are you ok with Obama targeting U.S. citizens in Yemen (he’s killed three Americans there) and with unmanned drones vaporizing Pakistanis in a nation where military endeavors HAVEN’T been voted on by Congress?

    This is what I think: Justin McAffee is a Marxist scumbag, so his defense of Obama’s anti-libertarian record (Gitmo anyone?)is clouded by his love of Obama’s class-warfare rhetoric.

        1. Remember as well, Bush used the EXACT REASONS liberals decried Saddam for in the 90s Clinton era to go to Iraq! Liberals voted FOR this ‘authorization’ to any and all force necessary (one can ‘google’ the exact language) to Bush43. Bush43 had everything he needed to do what he did.

          Of course, as with Vietnam, which Democrats started; liberals began giving ‘aid & comfort’ to America’s enemies not long after the beginning of the Iraq War. America’s enemies KNOW who their friends are, American liberals – in this day, Obamunists!

    1. Obama’s drone wars have inflicted far less “collateral damage” than the Bush/Cheney ground war (now at 4,00+ American soldiers dead, 100,000+ Iragi civilians dead, and $800B of American taxpayer money squandered…oh wait, that was unfunded spending, so it’s not current taxpayer money, the next few generations are stuck with that). And that was based on an organized, sustained campaign of lies about WMD, etc. Were you as outraged about that as you are about Benghazi, Pabst?

      1. I opposed the Iraq War. Ya know who voted FOR the Iraq War? Biden, Hillary, Reid, Lieberman,Kerry and Edwards.

        To your credit Johnny, at least you were accurate with your facts.

        1. Correction… they voted in favor of giving the president “authorization.” They weren’t voting in favor of going to war. Granted, it they were truly opposed, maybe they should have refrained… but I think we all remember the political pressure Bush exploited to go to these ridiculous wars after 9/11.

          1. More Democrats voted AGAINST “authorization” than for. But Hillary, Biden and Reid STILL voted for. Why did they feel “pressure” that Kennedy, Boxer, Durbin and Byrd didn’t feel?

          2. Liberals forced Bush43 through the U.N. for 18 (ims) months before they voted to give him authorization; while Clinton just went and used NATO to go bomb the Balkens when he wanted to.

            Saddam, along with American liberals, expected as Saddam put it “the French to stop Bush in the Security Council”.

            Later, the world found out about all the backroom dealings WITH IRAQ, during a global embargo BY the U.N., that needed to be protected by our ‘allies’.

            Liberals = backstabbing hypocrites in league with America’s enemies against our nation, but ‘all in’ for their own political power.

  4. I very much appreciate your journalistic integrity for calling “bullshit” on these right-wing demagogues. If the editors at the RJ are so desperate for the GOP to win back the White House that they’d sell their own worthless integrity for the cheap price of a few lies, then maybe they should have helped pick a candidate who isn’t a misogynistic, flip-flopping elitist bent on warping America into a blurry vision of his own convoluted ideologies.

    Let’s just hope that their tactics don’t pay off.

  5. You failed to mention that the President of which you defend blamed this event on a “Youtube video”!! This had to be lowest remark I have ever witnessed an American President make in regards to an attack on America. Really??? A Youtube video?? Obama gave an open door to terrorists around the world who might be upset over a silly video of which there is plenty of hate on Youtube and other social media.
    The bottom line is Obama FAILED in his responsibility as Commander-in-Chief, and instead of blaming a video should of been honest with his constituents, Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc.
    You see what your problem is? Obama is President of ALL America, not just the Democrats!

    1. You guys are clinging pretty tightly to the video line, even though it’s been over a month since anyone has blamed anything on that. Get over that…everyone else has moved on as new information comes to light.

  6. I love how Bush is being blamed now for Benghazi. Sad that you and your party resort to no responsibility other than blaming Bush.
    Please get your facts straight! The Obama administration blamed a video for 2 weeks as the cause of this attack and then claimed the “fog of war” as an excuse. Yet Joe Biden in his debate said they “were certain that Iran could not make a bomb”? So they are certain about Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., but a U.S. Embassy attack they know little about?
    You claim a right wing problem, yet has it not been 4 years of Obama and the Democratic party dividing America? A healthcare bill passed with ZERO Republican votes, yet Romney is chided over his 47 percent statement. You are laughable!

  7. In America, the mainstream media have been obfuscating the coverup of Benghazi. The President himself has stonewalled the few media attempts to obtain facts about the scenario. During the second presidential debate, the “independent” moderator, Candy Crowley, colluded with President Obama to lie to some 65 million Americans about his failure to identify the attack on the US Diplomatic Mission at Benghazi as a TERRORIST ATTACK. The failures and cover up just go on and on, the BS gets deeper and deeper. Today, we learn that 23 of the 30 Americans in Benghazi were CIA operatives. What does that tell you about why the US military didn’t respond to attempt a defense of the Americans present? Was General Carter Ham of Africom ordered not to mount a defense? Was Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette, the commander of the USS John C. Stennis strike group, removed from command for the same reason? There are MANY MANY questions but very few answers.

    1. Hey genius… Candy Crowley “colluded” with the president? That’s because it’s a substantiated fact that he called it a terrorist attack that morning in the Rose Garden. I know it pisses you off that the media uses truth and facts… but that’s actually the way I prefer it.

      You sir lose ALL credibility when you come on here and lie through your teeth. You should probably apply for work at the RJ.

      “Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe,” he said. “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

      1. IF he called it specifically a terrorist attack, why did he and his pimps go and blame a spontaneous demonstration based on some video no one really ever saw??

        This path of obfuscation has been quite debunked and the Obamuniks proven liars long ago. BUT, you still pimp the man as a good and effective POTUS. LOL!!

  8. “This has been debunked, but the Review Journal editors hate Obama so much that they feel okay printing any fiction that suits their concocted narrative. The irony is that while Obama didn’t attend a fundraiser that day, Mitt Romney did.”

    Place “the Nevada View” in the first sentence instead of the RJ and it describes your blog perfectly.

    Obama is President of the United States, Mitt Romney is not. Whether it was a “celebrity” event or not in LV, Americans – brave and under attack – were ‘left’ to die. On Obama’s watch. IF this was Bush43, the liberal pimp press would be apes-it 24/7 to this day. Obama still has not confronted the plethora of evidence of massive malfeasance ‘on his watch’.

    “After plunging us into the depths of massive debt, George Bush’s policies have left this country less able to protect its own interests around the world.”

    You have been thoroughly and humiliatingly debunked in the “GOP” story thread as to the causes of the debt and damage liberals use Bush43 as its ‘strawman’ for – as to think you perhaps printed this garbage before the “GOP” pap was posted. Obama’s so-called foreign policy makes our enemies applaud and our friends cringe and have since Day 1!
    “How pathetic and unpatriotic for these clowns to politicize this tragedy and with such hypocrisy.”

    Nah, your irrational rhetoric, overheated bloviating and rank amateurish ANALysis make the RJ look golden in comparison. The hypocrisy your blog leads, follows and finishes with should make any wanna-be professional ‘hurl’, or flee such propaganda ASAP.

    “Considering idiot Romney believes Russia is our number one threat globally, the RJ should just shut up about foreign policy.”

    LOL!! I’ll just let this flailing piece of pablum stand all alone.

    “Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama should have been enough.”

    Powell knew about the identity of who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the press within the first week (his subordinate, Richard Armitage at ‘State’ told him after he spoke to Fitzgerald); and allowed his former colleagues in the Bush Administration to endure over two years of lies, liberal press attacks and the investigation Fitzgerald embarked on as a political attack – in league with liberal Democrat politicos – which ruined lives and cost a fortune == FOR NOTHING AT ALL. THAT’S WHEN POWELL LOST ALL CREDIBILITY IN AMERICAN POLITICAL LIFE!!

    “Do they actually believe he “seeks to ride this nation’s economy and international esteem to oblivion”? Or that his second term would be “disastrous” for our country? This isn’t good solid criticism or analysis, it’s ignorant hard headed vitriol.”

    YEP, that’s the aims of Obama and have been all of his political adult life!! A redistributionist of other’s wealth to waste it down the drain as he believes America is an EVIL nation and has been all of its existence. Just take the opposite tack on what he says he will do that sounds right for his nation – and THAT is the reality of Obama. An fervent Alinskyist Obama is in his base political instincts; with Cloward & Piven as his poisonous economic model has EXACTLY those aims. YEP, you read that right, Justin!!

    Anyway, McAffee, your flailing garbage ANALysis is just so much fun to read as it rolls out of your anus. Trying SO hard to pimp the most failed and incompetent POTUS since FDR (with a Carter ‘chaser) and doing such a ‘gasping carp on the pier’ writing and composition job, well, just makes me wanna read and comment more.

    You got your ass ripped on the “GOP” threads and I look forward to reading more as your man Obama efforts tearing this nation apart. THANK GOD the people put the House in his way.

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