Bob Beers Wrong Choice for City Council

Bob Beers – The Wrong Choice

Bob Beers slipped his way into the Las Vegas City Council last year by way of short notice special election when Steve Wolfson became the District Attorney. Beers’ years as a career politician gave him the connections and money to take that seat without much resistance. Fortunately for the city, there is an alternative on the ballot in 2013. Fayyaz Raja (appearing on ballot as F. Raja), who has spent years in the private sector as a successful entrepreneur is running in Ward 2.

Why shouldn’t you vote for Bob Beers? There’s a rap sheet a mile long.  Let’s start with the basics.

First, Bob Beers can’t even follow the laws of the land.  He was fined thousands of dollars for violating election laws just two years ago, after his constituents booted him from his Nevada senate seat.

While in the Nevada Senate, he supported putting guns in our elementary schools. The Tea Party is going to love this guy. While it sounds like a novel idea, putting guns in the hands of teachers who aren’t trained to handle extreme situations is a bad idea for many reasons. It has been rejected by schools and educators nationwide. Having more guns in untrained hands increases the likelihood that children will get shot, plain and simple. Having more trained armed security is the only thing being considered by any serious policy makers.

How is Beers on education? Jon Ralston probably remembers that Bob led the charge AGAINST full-time kindergarten in Nevada. Backwards policies like this have kept our students at the very bottom of education achievement for decades.

Oh, and get this: Bob Beers thought so much of the failed one-term Republican Governor Jim Gibbons who even fellow Republicans rejected, he is quoted as saying-

“Nevada is much better off with Gov. Gibbons than we’ve been with Gov. Guinn.”

Wow!  Guinn, also a Republican, is regarded by most as one of the best we’ve had in recent years. He fought for education in Nevada like few have fought before. I think anyone who remembers would know Gibbons is probably the worst governor in Nevada history.

How about motorcycle helmet laws that save hundreds of lives every year? For Bob Beers, that’s just socialism or nanny state (see previous link). Sometimes laws save lives and just make good common sense. But Beers is such an ideologue, he can’t see common sense.

Finally, Bob Beers decided that “illegal immigrants” should be treated like second class citizens and required to pay out of state tuition if they want to attend a local college (see previous link). Yes, even the children who moved here when they were two and have been through our high schools and are trying to better their situation. Even they should be punished and instead of helping them have a future, he wants to take away their opportunity and put them to work cleaning up his yard.

Right now you or someone you know lives in Ward 2. Turnout at the election is atrocious. We need to convince more people to go and vote for Raja because he is a common sense guy not driven by extreme ideological positions. Las Vegas has offered wonderful opportunity for Raja and his family and he wants to ensure those opportunities are there for everyone.

Just remember, Bob Beers served in the senate for years, and did everything in his power to keep education in Nevada at the bottom. By not improving education, diversifying the economy, and reforming our reliance on tourism for state revenues, the downturn in the economy hit Nevada worst of all states. That’s why voters finally said ENOUGH and kicked him out of office. Don’t let this guy ruin Las Vegas Ward 2 the same way. Voters, time to dump this guy.

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