Candidates for Las Vegas Mayor Not Qualified

In Hollywood, much is to be said about the “crossover” rap star or rhythm and blues singer who gets cast in a leading role for a major film with no prior acting experience or professional training. For the many men and women who wholeheartedly love the art form, have gone to school, honed their craft and paid their many dues, there is nothing more devastating than to miss out on a well earned opportunity because an already popular public figure wishes to do some “exploring” at the expense of their dreams.

In more relatable instances, many have experienced working extremely hard at a career and investing your all into one company, only for your efforts to be overlooked by the promoting of the owners’ (under qualified) relative being handed the position you’ve earned and anticipated being in for years.

As Election Day nears, and the race for mayor is dwindling down, constituents need to sit down and ask themselves “what qualifies a person to hold the office of Las Vegas Mayor?” Surely the progression of community activists, leaders, and businessmen/women to politicians is a very natural transition- and in some cases it is even expected. But to what level of government is appropriate and when do experienced politicians begin to get credit and become seriously considered for very serious positions? Since the office of mayor is the” head of government of a city,” shouldn’t it be held by someone who is already experienced as a leader in government?

I enjoy our active community leaders, businessmen and businesswomen and I do not discredit the many contributions they’ve made to Nevada. I have a deep appreciation for them and even for the fact that some proclaim to be dreamers and have dreams for Las Vegas. Heck, I too am a “dreamer,” but I recognize that there is a time and a place for dreaming. Now is not the time and Las Vegas is not the place. (And) how can a candidate endeavoring to be the next mayor advertise “I’m a businessman not a politician”? Since when has it become a bad thing for a politician to run for mayor? Only experienced realists with proven records should be considered to hold the office of Las Vegas mayor, there’s simply too much at stake.

My bidding for the voters of Las Vegas, with just a couple of days left, is to look past catch phrases and name recognition and look for substance and experience as the qualifying criteria for our new mayor. One candidate, whose well rounded service to Nevada especially stands out, has served for many years with consistency, diligence, commitment to education and commitment to doing what’s right. My pick for Las Vegas Mayor is Chris Giunchigliani; a candidate who has proven that she knows how to get the job done.

Tenielle Little

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