Carlos Slim Meets Resistance in Las Vegas.

Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world according to Forbes. He is worth some $73 Billion dollars (that we know of). So what’s wrong with being wealthy? Nothing really… Bill Gates is a great man. He has defined philanthropy for the ages. He’s made a great product that’s used globally.

Carlos Slim didn’t amass his huge wealth with a great product… to the contrary there are many complaints about the poor quality of his product.

Slim bought the telecommunications monopoly from the Mexican government for a steal in the early 90s. We’ll never know what deals were struck that allowed Slim to lay hold of the entire telecom system, but one thing is for sure, his 40% profit margins have made him the richest man in the world.

Carlos Slim owns 90% OF LANDLINES AND 80% of all cell lines in Mexico. His control over the system allows him to overcharge and sell an inferior product.

Now Carlos Slim is buying up assets in the United States. He is the second largest stock holder of the New York Times, owns large shares of Sears and other big U.S. companies, and is buying up cell phone businesses all over the country.

The oligarchs are coming… the oligarchs are coming! We’ve already had a Gilded Age in this country. Let’s keep the Robber Barons out!

This Wednesday in Las Vegas, a group called Two Countries One Voice are holding a march against Carlos Slim at 3:30pm in front of the Venetian. The convention is taking place there, where attendees include Slim owned American Movil.  Attendance is open to all. Find more on Twitter at #2C1V @2Paises1Voz.

Justin McAffee

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