Carolyn Goodman Uses Context Excuse Again

Carolyn Goodman recently started using my favorite excuse for inconvenient comments: claiming they were taken out of context. This is right up there with claiming “those aren’t my drugs, I was just holding them for a friend.”

Carolyn Goodman’s campaign manager Bradley Mayer tried to deflect criticism about Carolyn’s statements on the collapse of the housing market by claiming they were taken out of context and hiding behind endorsements.

Let’s look at Carolyn’s comments. On the Channel 8 debate she said: “The [housing] prices are back where they were in the 70’s and what a wonderful opportunity.” That was on the debate on Channel 8, May 15, 2011.

Three days later Carolyn told Face to Face’s Jon Ralston that she would “work with the banks and move up the foreclosures.”

Mayer responded by claiming her comments were taken out of context.

In what context are these comments okay?

How can saying she would work with the banks and move up foreclosures mean, as Mayer claimed, that Carolyn “will be a voice to hold the banks accountable to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep people in their homes.”

Those are contradictory statements.

This isn’t the first time Carolyn has claimed her comments were taken out of context. She claimed her comments about gay marriage were taken out of context on Channel 8. I would go into detail about how she was clearly quoted accurately but Steve Friess already thoroughly called her out.  See “Carolyn Goodman’s Contextual Problems.”

The other favorite tactic of Carolyn’s campaign, deflect the criticism by hiding behind endorsements. Whenever a campaign does this they simply have no response.

This time they picked the wrong endorsement to hide behind.

Bradley Mayer tried to argue that Carolyn was supportive of protecting homeowners by pointing out that the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors has endorsed Carolyn.

Since when does a realtor association represent the best interests of homeowners? Why would they care that people are underwater on their mortgage?

Low housing prices and high foreclosures are in the best interests of realtors because they can sell more houses. This endorsement reinforces the fact that Carolyn doesn’t care about homeowners.

We are left with one of two options about Carolyn’s comments. First, she doesn’t know the facts about the issue and is simply uninformed. That is a scary thought being she could be our next Mayor.

Second, she really does want to speed up foreclosures and thinks the collapse of the housing market was good for Las Vegas.

I honestly don’t know which is worse, the prospect of having a Mayor who can’t be bothered to actually learn about the issues facing Las Vegas or one who simply doesn’t care.

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