Dean Heller <3 Big Oil, But Not Working Class Nevadans

This was the scene outside Dean Heller’s Las Vegas office today. While Dean Heller continues to oppose anything he considers “not good enough“, meaning not painful enough for working class Nevadans, our country faces deep problems. This isn’t the first time Heller has felt the heat from his constituents, and I doubt this will be the last. Even though Nevada will better survive and thrive with a stronger push for clean and green energy, Dean Heller continues to oppose efforts to create more good green jobs. And even though many Nevadans rely on Social Security and Medicare for their very survival, Dean Heller has voted in lockstep with “TEA Party” radicals to kill Medicare and Social Security. And even though Nevadans understand that it helps no one to allow sick kids to die with no care, Heller twice voted against the very SCHIP program that millions of kids rely upon for their health care.

Oh, and did I mention Dean Heller has the dubious distinction of being the only member of Congress to vote TWICE for Paul Ryan’s “TEA Party” plan to kill Medicare?

That’s why we again saw protests outside Dean Heller’s office today.

@DeanHeller's constituents r asking 2 #TaxOilSaveGrandma... on Twitpic

Oh look, @DeanHeller's constituents r asking 4 #JobsNow ... on Twitpic

@ProgressNowNV sends @SenDeanHeller message 2 #TaxOilSaveGran... on Twitpic

Nevada simply can’t afford any more taxpayer giveaways to the fossil fuel industry while middle class and working poor families continue to struggle. While Heller demands economy destroying “austerity” for us, he continues to back taxpayer giveaways for his big Wall Street sweethearts. And while Nevadans are demanding more and better jobs, Heller continues to oppose any and all efforts for better jobs for Nevadans.

We have to tell Heller to stop ignoring Nevadans’ needs while giving the fossil fuel industry everything it wants.

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