Future Bleak for Nevada State Senate with Roberson in Charge

In a Las Vegas Sun article dated June 26th 2011 David McGrath Swartz writes:

Sen. Michael Roberson, the freshman who emerged from the legislative session as conservatives’ top pugilist, will head Republicans’ efforts to retake the state Senate next year.

The job positions Roberson to lead the Republican Senate caucus and, if his campaign efforts are successful, the state’s upper house in the future.”

Bad news for the legislative process.  Roberson the fund raiser, the recruiter, will recruit and fund more corporate lackey Tea Party Republican politicians like himself.  “No new taxes” is an intellectually easy slogan, but in a utilitarian sense like an elevator that only goes down, like a bus driver who only turns right.  But worse, it means an utter unwillingness to compromise.  I hope Roberson fails miserably electing Tea Party senators and ultimately leads nothing more than a boy scout troop.  Democrats and non-Tea Party Republicans will stand their ground to a point, but they are traditionally capable of compromise.   Bill Raggio, for one, had the emotional maturity to know you do not always get everything you want and must work with your neighbors.  The ascendancy of the loud and obtuse Roberson, does thinking Republicans and the legislative process a disservice.  Again from the Las Vegas Sun article:

“Roberson’s rapid rise was aided by his provocative floor statements.

During budget debates he accused Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford of “lecturing” Republicans. Roberson also accused Democrats of being “beholden to public-sector unions.”

He seemed to relish the verbal battles, wearing a small smile as he rose to joust in his Kansas twang.”

I look ahead in time and ask present and future Republican senators to not put forward the most annoying and antagonistic among you as your leader and standard bearer.  Binary thinkers lead to rancor and poor decisions, no matter the party.  I also look to the future and hope to see Democrats gain veto override majorities in both houses.  Amen.

PS. Do not vote for any politician who takes a pledge or oath, other than the Pledge of Allegiance or oath of office.

Brian Bahouth

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