George Bush ‘Decides’ Wrong on Death Penalty

George W. Bush may have been the decider, but it is now apparent that his decision to deny the stay requested by Claude Jones in Texas was the wrong one.  The death penalty is taking a hard hit as a recent investigation and DNA evidence is now exonerating a man put to death in 2000.

The Texas Observer and a group called the Innocence Project decided to look into this case.  The prosecution relied on one piece of physical evidence, which was a strand of hair found at the scene of the crime.  They convinced a jury that the hair belonged to Claude Jones.

Claude Jones was no saint.  He had a history of violent behavior.  However, the truth was that this hair did not belong to him.  The prosecution no longer had a case.  But the death penalty had already been enacted.

This calls for a serious look at the death penalty.  Nevada still practices capitol punishment.  How many more innocent lives have to be ruined?  Once performed, it can’t be taken back. Perhaps it is time to end the bloodshed.  Will the Nevada legislature have anything to say about this in 2011?  Doubtful.

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1 Comment

  • tom frazee
    August 23, 2011, 9:28 pm

    When in doubt, it’s better to free a guilty person than execute an innocent one. Empathizing with a D.R. inmate who’s innocent should be suficiet. tom frazee


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