Give Tax Dollars to Big Oil, Not People!

Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Joe Heck think big oil needs our tax dollars, but using taxes to help the uninsured, the elderly, or veterans is “government waste”?  Well now I’ve heard it all.  Thankfully, there are some groups trying to bring this atrocity to the awareness of the voting public.

Flanked by a hulking 25-foot fat cat representing big oil, local activists demanded an end to billions in tax breaks for the dirty fossil fuel industry.

Brian Fadie of ProgressNow Nevada said Nevada has unlimited potential for good-paying clean energy jobs.

“But we will never reach that goal as long as people like Dean Heller continue to vote for billions of dollars in subsidies for Big Oil Companies,” Fadie said. “Dean Heller is a cheap date. He’s received $154,000 in donations this cycle from the oil and gas industry, yet the tax breaks he’s voted for in return are worth tens of billions.”

Launce Rake is state coordinator of the Clean Air Defense Campaign, a national and local level coalition of groups working for clean air and green energy.

“The fat cat fossil fuel cartels depend on the patronage of elected officials such as Sen. Dean Heller and Congressman Joe Heck,” Rake said. “We need our elected officials at all levels to support clean air, healthy communities, healthy families and green jobs.”

And an unwelcomed guest, Oil Man, showed up to cheer for the giant kitty, saying his relationship as a lobbyist is a “give and take” one with Dean Heller. “He gives and I take,” Oil Man said.

Oil Man also said he was not happy he wasn’t invited to the press event and urged media to see his website:

Ol Justin McAffee says “if you are thinking of voting for Dean Heller or Joe Heck this November, you better get your head examined.”

Justin McAffee

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