Governor Sandoval Sails: Let Them Eat Wake

There once was a crazy leader in Rome, who fiddled while Rome burned.

Here in Nevada, we have a sailor for a Governor, yo ho – blow the poor down! He recently spent quality time with his buddies.

Here’s a cute photo of the Governor out for a cruise! Click Here.

I wonder how much that trip cost? Must be nice to get gifts from the wealthy while Vegas has headlines about unemployment and cuts, cuts, cuts. He’s so handsome on his ship, toying with the waves, and partying with big money! I wish he had a little costume while he is playing sail the boat!

YET . . . there are people in crisis in Nevada right? I mean the headlines this morning are that unemployment is up again to 14%.

I thought Governor Sandoval said he was going to create jobs? Is he a sailor instead of a job creator?

AND . . . the budget cuts are starting to be felt now. The poor, the young, the disenfranchised didn’t take a cruise with their friends this week – did they?

I thought Governor Sandoval said we should all sacrifice? Is his form of sacrifice . . . a cruise on a boat?

Well. . . at least the miners are happy cause gold is hitting record high with each piece of bad news. More and more investors are speculating on Nevada’s gold. The price is going through the roof – even beyond predictions. Yahoooooooo for Nevada’s gold . . . headed to $1900 an ounce!

BUT WAIT . . . Nevada’s gold is not making many people in Nevada wealthy. Just a few are getting anything at all from those record profits. I wonder if there was a billionaire miner rolling in his own money on that boat with our own personal mining lobbyist/sailor – Governor Sandoval?

Governor Sandoval, are your miner friends going to ever compensate the state for the gold they take out of the ground. How much did they give you to look away, while they make billions?

Yep – Governor Sandoval is so COOL sailing on his little friend’s boat! He can also kick people in the neck with his GOP! If the normal person in Nevada votes for a Republican, you are dumb as a rock.

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Angie Sullivan

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1 Comment

  • Launce
    August 20, 2011, 12:55 pm

    I hope you enjoy the water while you still can, Sailor Brian. The bill you happily signed this spring should help turn Lake Tahoe into algea soup.


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