Governor Sandoval Where is the Paper?

The school year is starting and let me write here a few concerns I have as a teacher.

There is no money for me to have paper or reading workbooks at my school – enough said.

I’m on the Reform Trail AGAIN . . . did I ever leave?

I will REFORM again. . . as I have every year in this district. I will follow my new leader Dwight Jones – he’s my fourth Superintendent in the last decade.

Everyone gets really excited about REFORM, but in a district that retains a small, very small, percentage of its teachers past year 3, I have to ask – why so excited? CCSD has more new blood than most any place in this nation due to lack of teacher retention. Maybe our problem isn’t veteran teachers like the legislature seemed to think . . . maybe we have the REVERSE. . . not enough experience, since hardly anyone lasts at CCSD – including Superintendents with new ideas.

Sadly, many of this years positions will be filled with long-term substitutes. I won’t scare you here by telling you that substitutes need very few education classes to hold a substitute position. But last I heard, you needed 60 college credits with 12 being in education classes to qualify. How is that comparable to my degrees – I’m sure many would like you to think it’s the same. And we wonder why kids are failing? DUH!

Did I mention there is no money for me to have paper or reading workbooks at my school – enough said.

For all you naysayers with at least an associates degree and $161 dollars – try subbing and let me know if you think it’s easy. Fun, fun, fun. I think every politician who voted against tenure might come to know the value of a little experience, if they were thrown into a room with 40 fourth graders for a couple of days.

I will be graded on a rubric that includes test scores I guess.

Although I’m wondering how the PE, Music, Art, preschool, Kindergarten, lunchroom, clerks, office staff, resource, nurse, support staff, and custodians are going to be evaluated by test scores. Since there are relatively few people on the elementary school staffs that have scores assigned to their name. . . how exactly does that work? Do only 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers get the additional testing evaluation – since they are the only ones administering high stakes tests. So 14 teachers? The rest of the 90 + person staff get evaluated how?

I bet the people who run off those tests have PLENTY O’PAPER – enough said!

Show me the contracted money!

I’m wondering if CCSD is going to take money from my pay again – without informing me? I hate surprises in my check. Are they going to pay me according to the yearly legal contract I sign, or just going to take money away in July or some other random month. I would like to think they would abide by the legal document I sign – but they proved to all teachers in July, they won’t.

Is paper on sale somewhere?

I’m asking because paper is $35 to $40 a box and it looks like I will be purchasing my own this year. . . if I want to teach reading and have the kids write on something. Unless. . . I can think of someway to do homework without paper? Hmmmmmm. . . I’ll get creative I guess. I’m not supposed to ask parents for supplies.

Will the supply fairy come to my school? What is Santa up to this time of year?

I’ll just remind everyone reading – TEACHERS make the difference. If you keep destroying them – there won’t be much of a public education system left in CCSD. You can’t keep treating people like dogs and expect them to keep taking it. It is a good TEACHERS that educate kids – not system changes or hocus pocus, revamped from another state. TEACHERS will be the ones that care enough about kids to make the change. Any other investment in any other place – is not going to have the impact a good TEACHER can make.

Governor Sandoval, do you have some copy paper in your office you could send over to my school?

Angie Sullivan

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