Have They No Shame?

Is this for real? Really? Did a bunch of Florida Republicans really boo an active duty soldier at last night’s GOP Presidential Debate? The audience at tonight’s GOP presidential debate in Orlando, Florida commemorated this week’s repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell [DADT] by booing Stephen Hill, a gay soldier, as he asked Sen. Rick

Is this for real? Really?

Did a bunch of Florida Republicans really boo an active duty soldier at last night’s GOP Presidential Debate?

The audience at tonight’s GOP presidential debate in Orlando, Florida commemorated this week’s repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell [DADT] by booing Stephen Hill, a gay soldier, as he asked Sen. Rick [Santorum] (R-PA) about open service in the military. Without condemning the audience reaction, Santorum responded to Hill’s question by proclaiming that “any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military” and promising to reinstate the 1993 policy. He also characterized open service as a “special privilege”[.]

Wow. Has the Republican Party really sunk that low? Apparently so. Remember, a bunch of Florida Republicans attending last night’s debate in Orlando booed an active duty soldier, and did so simply because he’s gay and he wanted to ask the Republican Presidential Candidates about reviving DADT.

And you know what makes this even more disgusting? Only two Republican candidates (neither of them with any real chance of getting the nomination), Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, rose to defend Stephen Hill and the end of DADT. Apparently, the rest of the GOP “clown car candidates” think discrimination is fabulous.

What really makes this appalling is that the Florida Republican audience at that debate last night showed complete and utter disrespect for an active duty soldier. They essentially booed our military and showed contempt for our country. Think about it. For as long as I can remember, the Republican Party has tried to position itself as “the patriotic party”, the party that believes in the sanctity of the flag and everything it represents. Yet last night, we didn’t see that party. Rather, we saw the continuation of a trend in the unveiling of a “new Republican Party” that’s been hijacked by “TEA Party” extremists who care more about radical ideology than even the well being of our military and our very national security.

The “TEA Party” has really led today’s Republican Party to turn a corner… But certainly not in a good way. This downright scares me.

Andrew Davey

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  • ColinFromLasVegas
    September 23, 2011, 10:16 am

    “Has the Republican Party really sunk that low?”

    Yes. To tell the truth, absolutely nothing they do from now is a surprise to me. Nor should it surprise anyone else.

    They are shoved over to the right so much and so far, they are losing touch with reality. And they are willingly doing this to themselves. It’s not over yet neither.

    They are shoving even further and further over to the right, even going the route of “Dominionship” style politics where religion is encouraged in their politics, in their eyes religious matters taking precedence over law standards; going the route of ultra-Christian conservatism. Because they got nothing else that is going to work.

    They have went so far over to right wing nutball extremism that even the term “Conservative Democrat” is basically nonsensical nowadays. A “Conservative Democrat” is more like a centerist independent.

    Not to mention the moderate Republican conservatives are leaving their ranks in droves, not liking what they are seeing, declaring the Tea Party Republicans all incredibly nuts.

    I really can’t understand it nor explain it. I’m not sure anyone can. Perhaps it’s a bunch of things. Like a blind hatred of any Democrat whatsoever in a position of power, coupled with the fact that he is a minority causing repressed (or blatant) racism to come out in politics, and throw in the mix the filthy rich want ONLY their way and no other way, thereby throwing money and propaganda relentlessly without end, getting their lobbyists and special interests working overtime, and taking a message that is based on flawed economic theories (like don’t spend and utopia will happen and the other crapola that the filthy rich’s taxes need to remain low in order to create jobs). So, I guess it’s a snow job in order to keep voters stupid, flame up their passions, xenophobia and fanning the flames of any vestige of racism that is there.

    All this scares me too. But it also offers us to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    In the Republican Party’s dementia to get back in power, they are losing something.

    The message.

    No amount of propaganda and money can hide the fact that President Obama and his administration are for the working class people. He shows it every single day. He seems to clearly have drawn a line in the sand, imploring the American people that they have to do this, he can’t do it alone. He needs help to kick the Republicans in power vigorously to make them do something, anything to do their job and earn the money they were elected and put into power to do.

    Sure, sure, sure. He is being attacked for being in campaign mode. Not his fault that the message coincides with his campaign efforts for another term.

    And I don’t buy this crap of, oh, the Democrats do that too, they are just as guilty. NO. I don’t buy it. Look at it throughout the years. The Democratic Party’s ideology is unchanged. But the Republican Party, en masse, in at least the past thirty years or so, has morphed into an unmitigated mess; only a former shadow of their former conservatism remains.

    No amount of money can buy me.

    No amount of blatant Republican lies can snow me.

    I know the President speaks for me. That’s all I know. I’m stickin’ with him. Because his message is aligned with the majority of people in America.

    • Dee@ColinFromLasVegas
      September 24, 2011, 2:19 am

      If you’ve watched the documentary “Inside Job” (you have to see it) you will unfortunately learn that most of the men responsible for the financial armegeddon are all still in power and hired back as top administrators in Obama’s status quo government. He gave us great lip service that he would regulate the financial industries that caused the disaster, but he has done nothing to different to change it. The system is broken and Obama does not have the guts to fix it. People should have gone to jail and regulations should have been made to prevent it from happening again. Watch the movie and get back to me.

  • George
    September 23, 2011, 11:36 am

    I know a soldier who was dismissed under DADT simply because he left his cell phone out. Someone picked it up and looked at his messages and then reported him to his superiors because of a personal message left by his boyfriend. Leaving your cell phone out in plain sight used to be tantamount to ‘telling’ under DADT. Well not anymore. Was allowing the military to become fully integrated as Truman did ‘social engineering’? or ‘social experimaentation’? as Santorem stated concerning DADT. In a few years the absolute UN-american nonsense of his position and arguments will be clear. You may feel uncomfortable around those you work with whose culture, beliefs, or orientations are not something you can live with or relate to….but you’re at work. All people must leave their bigotry and prejudice at the door. That’s America. And who knows, maybe in a few years, you’ll see those you were uncomfortable with, are now good friends and colleagues. That’s social progress. Not bad huh?


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