Joe Heck Against Government Mail, Before He Was King of It

Politics should probably be less about individual politicians, and more about real issues. Every once in a while, however, it is good to do an hypocrisy alert… after all, elections do have consequences. Today’s alert goes out to Nevada’s own Joe Heck from Congressional District 3.

Hey, Congressman Heck isn’t shy at all when being negative about his opponents. In 2010 he said Dina Titus was “desperate to keep her taxpayer funded title, paycheck and mailing privileges and will do anything to avoid getting a real job.” Kind of harsh really.

The humor of it, if you read Sunday’s paper you may have seen that now Joe Heck is one of the top spenders of taxpayer dollars for sending mail. As it is said, “Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.” Although I’m not sure what is so unvirtuous about communicating with your constituents. In other words, it was a bogus claim to begin with. It really illustrates Joe Heck’s pettiness and lack of integrity more than it says anything about the mail thing.

For Heck, the message resonates with his Tea Party base… the ones fanatical about all government spending and all Democrats. It’s just the way it is, and Joe Heck knows that. That’s why this week he has stepped up calls for more hearings on Benghazi. The far right is rabid about that stuff. I’ve seen Joe Heck threatened on Twitter by his own base that if he doesn’t step it up with this Obama/Benghazi witch hunt, he might find himself with a challenger in a Republican primary race. I guess we know who is in the driver seat.

He’ll face a formidable Democratic challenger in Erin Bilbray this election cycle. I can’t imagine what hypocritical attacks he’ll come up with for her. Whatever they are, how can his credibility not come into question after this?

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Justin McAffee

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