Joe Heck Fallout from Shutting Down Government

Joe Heck Fallout from Shutting Down Government

There is considerable banter flying back and forth today over the shutdown of the federal government, but how will voters feel about this next year at the voting booth? How will voters in Congressional District 3 feel about the fact that Joe Heck voted to shutdown our government? 2012 was pretty much a cakewalk for

There is considerable banter flying back and forth today over the shutdown of the federal government, but how will voters feel about this next year at the voting booth? How will voters in Congressional District 3 feel about the fact that Joe Heck voted to shutdown our government?

2012 was pretty much a cakewalk for Joe Heck. Perhaps Joe Heck is overconfident. It certainly looks like he is more worried about a challenge from the right than he is from a Democrat. That would be a huge mistake in my estimation.  In 2014 he faces a much bigger threat in political opponent Democrat Erin Bilbray. Bilbray brings a history and experience of grassroots political organizing with her, along with a very dedicated army of activist supporters. It’s a tight district, and Joe Heck is building up baggage.

There are already robocalls going out into Joe Heck’s congressional district informing voters about his vote to shutdown the government. They go something like this:

While you were sleeping, Congressman Joe Heck shut down the government. You heard that right. But even worse – Congressman Heck is still getting paid – and he’s not listening to our frustration. All because of his demand to take away your benefits and protect insurance company profits.

 Call Congressman Heck at (702) 387-4941 to end the shutdown.

Joe Heck will try in vain to spin the government shutdown, but from what I’ve seen, he must think people are really stupid. He is already doing his best to convince people that somehow Republicans voted to fund the government, everything except Obamacare that is… and somehow it is Democrats who have shutdown the government. That is entirely laughable on its face, and it ain’t gonna fly with anyone outside his loyal Tea Party base. Voting to fund everything but Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is essentially using the entire budget as ransom.

The Affordable Care Act is already the law of the land. Republicans have tried to repeal it 40 plus times, and they have failed each time. They ran against President Obama on repealing the ACA, and they lost. Since they can’t get their way using the normal democratic process, they are holding the rest of the government hostage until they get their way. That is absolutely not the way our government should be run. Imagine if Mitt Romney had won the election along with the GOP retaining its majority in the House of Representatives. Now imagine if Senate Democrats were demanding gay marriage be legalized across the country in order to pass the budget. That’s basically what’s happening here with Republicans. It sets a bad precedent to negotiate under these circumstances. The threat Republicans are using to get their way is destructive to the nation, its security, its well-being, and to the economy. It is akin to a kind of political terrorism… and the United States should not negotiate with terrorists.

This could be the death knell for Rep Heck. Just look at all the harm Joe Heck’s vote to shutdown the government is doing here locally already, not to mention all over the country (from KTNV Channel 8):

170 full-time employees at Lake Mead are now on indefinite furlough and approximately 15,000 visitors will be turned away from Lake Mead each day during the shutdown.

That also means about $500,000 lost in revenue.

Rangers are now working to notify all campers in the area that they have two days to clear out.

And the gates are closed to Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area.

The Grand Canyon National Park is also close but local tour companies have been able to continue their bus and helicopter tours. That is because tours to the western side of the Grand Canyon run through land owned by the Hualapi Indian Tribe.

A catchy little hashtag circulating around social media sums it up quite nicely: #EnoughAlready.


Justin McAffee

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  • shari
    October 2, 2013, 8:28 am

    This would be all well and good except it was the Senate Democrats, i.e. Harry Reid that refused to vote (or even read) the Continuing Resolution bill. So, hate to blow holes in your 2014 election swaying attempt but you are 100% wrong to say it was Joe Heck and the Republicans who shut down the government. It was the Democrats. Harry Reid opted to do nothing. Not even read the bill, he said on national TV. And the media did it’s usual job of finding a way to twist facts, and suggest the blame on someone else. Typical. And of course now that is the gospel and all you political-wannabe’s-without-the-courage-to-run bigmouths jump on it like a fly on you-know-what and perpetuate the lie. Again, typical. For once call it as it is…for once, blame the right person and get mad. For one time in your miserable life, hold YOUR politicians accountable and recognize they are not honest. Instead of being a part of the lie, try to find an ounce of courage and do what’s right in life. What is it about Democrats that they will accept any and all bad behavior, not matter what it is?

    • Justin McAffee@shari
      October 2, 2013, 10:26 am

      Shari, thank you for your comment. I just wanted to ask you if the fact that it is Republicans who want to end Obamacare, and are using the budget as leverage implies they bear the brunt of responsibility for the shutdown? You might reply that they voted to fund everything but Obamacare, so they can’t be held accountable because Democrats rejected funding the rest of the budget. However, the Senate passed a CIR with Obamacare, and the House rejected it. So the real question is where this all started? Again, it is Republicans who initiated this stalemate. Therefore they are to blame. I don’t see how anyone could objectively see it any other way.

  • Kelli
    October 7, 2013, 10:50 pm

    Almost 500 employees who work in the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Lower Colorado Regional Office, in Boulder City and at Hoover Dam are also furloughed at the moment. Most of these employees also live and vote in Henderson, NV-03, and Boulder City.

  • bleuskies77
    October 8, 2013, 11:01 am



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