Joe Heck Targeted in New Facebook Ad Over Government Shutdown

On the cusp of potential disaster via a House Republican sponsored government shutdown, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is scrambling to drum up public opposition. A new Facebook ad will target 27 House Republicans, including Nevada’s own Rep. Joe Heck.

I got a nice little preview here (pictured at the right).

Insanity is right! Rep Joe Heck holding seniors’ Social Security checks, military pay, and other vital services HOSTAGE in a futile attempt to repeal a law he has already tried and failed to repeal so many times I’ve lost count, is typical partisan corrupt waste that has Americans’ confidence in Congress at an all time low.

People are mighty tired of politicians playing games with our lives. Obamacare is the law of the land. The Senate won’t repeal it. The President won’t repeal it. Time to move on Rep Joe Heck and John Boehner! I thought your number 1 priority was jobs. Stop wasting our tax dollars on this stuff!

The Affordable Care Act is rolling out starting in October. As the program is fully implemented, the net result will be millions more Americans covered by more affordable health insurance. If it fails to do what it claims, maybe then you can talk about repealing it. The truth is Republicans are deathly afraid it will work… and then they will look like the bad guys. That’s why they will go to any lengths to stop it before it works, even if that means shutting down the government.

Just remember Joe Heck, people will blame you for shutting down the government… not your opponent in 2014. In a way, I hope you continue to do what you are doing, because it makes beating you next November a lot easier.

Justin McAffee

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