Nevada Axis of Evil Part 1 (Caption Contest)

Here in Nevada, at least in terms of the state senate, we have an axis of evil right here in southern Nevada.  Barbara Cegavske leads the trio.  Then we have Michael Roberson and Elizabeth Halseth as lap puppies.

They’ve valiantly led the state from being at the bottom of funding for education and having one of the worst economies to, well they’ve just kept the status quo.  Bravo (oops, and Brava too)!

Here’s a photo of the three as the 2010 election wave went the Republican way.  Woopie!  Caption the photo in the comments section below, and you could win big.  We’ll announce the winners next week.

Since you stopped by, check out this awesome video we made of the Axis of Evil in Nevada with our own Governor, Brian Sandoval.  You’ll find that video below the announcement of last week’s caption contest winners:

1st Place – Paul Patry: How much Muth could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck Muth?

2nd Place – Shaun: “Hello? Webster’s? Yeah, I got a correction for you…”

3rd Place – Ian Campbell: Yes sir and right away, Mr. Koch

4th Place – Joe Alexander: “Nahhhh, Michael, you’re fine. You have nothing to worry about from J-Mac. I have this covered.”

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  1. (in order, from left to right) errr… (I forgot my talking point), bahahaha!, duh (how did I get here?)

  2. The Wizard of Oz: (right to left) “If I only had a brain, a heart, the nerve.” (And the gov behind the curtain…)

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