Nevada Republican Says Slavery is an Option

Nevada Republican Says Slavery is an Option

Is slavery on the platform of the Nevada Republican Party? Thankfully no, but a video found by political activist Laura Martin reveals Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler of Assembly District 39 saying he would support slavery, if that’s what his constituents wanted.

The irony is that I often here conservatives emphasizing the republic nature of our system of government… that it’s not a democracy. We have representatives. There’s truth to this. We elect people to represent us in our governments because in theory they will have time to dedicate to learning about the issues and to study the policies that will serve us best.

Jim, a word of advice: stand up for what is right, not what the mob wants. Lead, don’t be led. Your job is to learn and then teach your constituents why your proposals are the best. Let them decide if they want to keep you.

Justin McAffee

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