Nevada’s Best Political Cartoon of 2011

Nevada’s Best Political Cartoon of 2011 has to qualified here.  First, this is about amateur bloggers, not professional cartoonists.  Second, if you took a photo and added text to it, that qualifies.  I’ve done some myself, so I’m excluding my own pics from the judging.  I’m also leaving out Nevada Scandalmonger pics because he/she doesn’t live here anymore, so I didn’t bother to consider them.

Alright, enough qualification B.S., let’s get to it.  This wonderful piece seems to sum up the whole Republican mantra and the underlying message of the conservative 1%.  Nevada’s Republican Governor Brian Sandoval is definitely better than Jim Gibbons by a long shot.  Unfortunately, he’s a guy that would have been much much more reasonable 10 years ago before the Tea Party took over the right side of the isle.

“High Unemployment?  Fuck You, I’m on a boat.”  That’s classic.  The person who created this picture is anonymous… but I still have to give them props.  Nevada bloggers and online commentators get pretty creative with little resources.

I’m still trying to figure out why a politician like Brian Sandoval wouldtweet this picture to begin with?  In context, it wasn’t actually his private boat or something.  Even so, just shows a major disconnect on Sandoval’s part I think.  I remember seeing his actual tweet from this boat, and I just thought this is bizarre.  Then this captioned version popped up.  I laughed so hard.  I still laugh when I see it.  Thought it was worth sharing again.  Cheers!

Justin McAffee

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  • Mike Jones
    February 7, 2012, 12:11 pm

    Really? A major disconnect? You’re joking right? He rode on a boat to a Lake Tahoe Summit regarding water quality of the Lake. It’s not like he was on a vacation with his family or was out boozing it up and water skiing. He was doing State business. Not golfing. Not some pleasure cruise to take the day off on the State dime.

    Maintaining your train of thought (or just partisan hackery), you should also be offended when he tweets a picture of him reading to kids at school because he’s rubbing in how good it is to be Governor. “Look at me! I bet you wish you weren’t in a cubicle working right now, you muggles!”

    The picture is funny, but your analysis and commentary on the context of the picture is inane.

    • Justin@Mike Jones
      February 7, 2012, 12:19 pm

      Mike, I think I was pretty clear that in context, it wasn’t his private boat or something. And while I maintain that the mere perception of this photo (even if misguided) isn’t bad enough, the cut cut cut your way to prosperity is the real disconnect for Mr. Sandoval. Thanks to his cuts, and other Republicans in D.C., college is becoming more and more inaccessible every year.

      • Mike jones@Justin
        February 9, 2012, 10:08 pm

        Still… How does this show a major disconnect? Are you really trying to figure out why he would tweet this? Honestly?? Do you wonder why he tweets pictures from school or business visits? How about when the President (of whom I am a big fan) tweets pictures of events that he attends?

        Like I said before, the picture is funny but just leave it at that. You make us look bad and yourself irrelevant every time you take the partisan hatred so far tha you deomonize everything – down to a twitter picture of the smiling governor on a boat – the other party does.


        • Brian Sandoval@Mike jones
          February 10, 2012, 2:05 am

          Mike, Fuck You! I’m a blogger.

          • Mike Jones@Brian Sandoval
            February 10, 2012, 6:58 am

            Classy. And such a great defense. “I’m a blogger so I have no responsibility or even willingness to be rational” is essentially pleading insanity… which seems about right.

            Hope it makes you sleep better at night knowing you are part of the reason why our political system is so polarized today. But keep it up and keep feeding that tea party fire with your bull. -m

          • Justin@Brian Sandoval
            February 10, 2012, 9:50 am

            Ha! Listen, I’ll explain this real simply for you. If you don’t understand, we can agree to disagree in a friendly manner.

            If I’m governor, I don’t tweet this stupid pic, bottom line. He looks like a yuppie on a pleasure cruise. You can give all the reasons in the world he was there, doesn’t matter.

            If I’m governor, I’m tweeting pictures of me with people, with teachers, with children, or at a business with one of those hard hats on. Come on, this isn’t rocket science.

  • Mike Jones
    February 10, 2012, 10:33 am

    Let me explain this real simple. Let’s walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

    Shame on Ruben for riding in such fancy cars! He is SO disconnected from the population. And to think he claimed he cares about the environment, driving a gas guzzler Corvette like that… I see the kids but where are the teachers and hard hats?!

    He looks like a yuppie riding on the back of a corvette convertible. You can give all the reasons in the world he was there, doesn’t matter… 

    Now you see how incredibly foolish you sound. Come on, justin, this isn’t rocket science.

    I hope this can help temper your partisanship. You do a good job on the whole, but stuff like this hurts our cause.

    • Justin McAffee@Mike Jones
      February 10, 2012, 10:41 am

      I’ll give you the final word. I was expressing my opinion as someone who works in political campaigns. I would not have posted this pic. Just my opinion, mixed with a partisan jab. Sandoval has no one to impress except his rich donors and fellow GOPers, so I doubt he even cares.

  • Mike Jones
    February 10, 2012, 10:36 am

    Ha! Thougt you had censored me… 🙂

    Just think about it next time you’re writing something like this. I enjoy your stuff but want to make sure we don’t go the way of the tea party and marginalize the cause.

    • Justin McAffee@Mike Jones
      February 10, 2012, 10:41 am

      Thanks for expressing your opinion, you are welcome anytime.


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